Food Safety Specialty Section


Officers 2007

President – Bruce G. Hammond

Vice President – Craig Llewellyn

Vice President-elect – Jia Sheng Wang

Secretary/Treasurer – Wu Li

Past President – George A. Burdock

Councilor – Stanley T. Omaye

Councilor – Genevieve S. Bondy

Councilor – Bernadene A. Magnuson

Councilor – Jay Vodela

Officers 2006

President – George A. Burdock

Vice President – Bruce G. Hammond

Vice President-elect – Craig Llewellyn

Secretary/Treasurer – Wu Li

Councilor – Jay Vodela

Councilor – Genvieve S. Bondy

Councilor – William T. Stott

Councilor – Bernadene Magnuson

Past President – Brian Delaney


Officers 2005

President – Brian Delaney

Vice President – George A. Burdock

Vice President Elect – Bruce G. Hammond

Secretary/Treasurer – Ken Voss

Councilor – Craig Llewellyn

Councilor – Mike Bolger

Past President – Ron Riley





Newsletter: February 2007

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Newsletter: February 2005

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The Food Safety Specialty Section (FS3) is a specialty group within the Society of Toxicology; it was formed in March, 1993 to provide a forum for the interaction of toxicologists and other professionals involved in food safety. The purpose of this specialty section is to provide a vehicle where state-of-art research involving food safety and regulations can be communicated and to serve as a scientific resource for critical issues involving food safety.

Objectives and Purposes of our Specialty Section

1. Serve as a focal point for the interaction of toxicologists and other professionals interested in food safety.
2. Promote the application of toxicologic principles and experimental methods to the evaluation of food safety.
3. Conduct programs, including educational activities which emphasize current developments and issues in food safety.
4. Stimulate interest in food safety as it relates to the science of toxicology.
5. Serve as a resource for the public (consumers, educators, regulators, and lawmakers) to access scientific developments and information in the area of food safety.

Topics of Interest: In addition to the broad area of food safety, our interests include:


The Society of Toxicology (SOT), the parent organization of the Food Safety Specialty Section, was founded in 1961 as a professional scientific society. The Society is an organization of scientists from academic institutions, government and industry representing the great variety of scientists who practice toxicology. The Society's diverse activities promote the acquisition and utilization of knowledge in toxicology, aid in the protection of public health, and facilitate the exchange of information.


Within the format of the Society of Toxicology national meeting, FS3 hosts symposia, workshops, continuing education courses, poster/discussion sessions and roundtable discussions. The Food Safety Specialty Section holds its annual meeting during the national SOT meeting. We publish a newsletter twice a year.

Liaisons with Related Societies

We have a desire to foster collaborative relationships with other societies with similar interests. This could include co-organizing symposia, programs, and other avenues of addressing current food safety issues. In the past we have collaborated with the International Life Sciences Institute in a joint workshop. Currently we have members serving as liaisons to the American Institute of Nutrition, and the Institute of Food Technologists.


The Food Specialty Section presents several awards yearly, which recognize outstanding presentations made by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the area of Food Safety/Food Toxicology at the annual Meeting of SOT.

Membership Information

Members in good standing in the Society of Toxicology (full, associate, student) may become members of FS3 by sending dues (US$15) to the SOT headquarters along with a note expressing intention of joining FS3. If you are not yet a member of the Society of Toxicology you can receive detailed membership requirements and application forms from the SOT headquarters.

The Society of Toxicology
1821 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA. 20190
(703) 438- 3115

If you have questions about FS3, you can contact us at the address below:

Food Safety Specialty Section SOT
1821 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA. 20190

or by email: Joel Mattsson