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SOT Postdoctoral Policies and Procedures


To facilitate professional development of the SOT Postdoctoral Membership in the field of toxicology.

Executive Board

Oversight of the activities of the Postdoctoral Assembly (hereafter referred to as the Assembly) is the responsibility of the Executive Board (hereafter referred to as the Board). The Board consists of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Councilor, the Council Contact, and a staff member from Headquarters.

Chair: The primary responsibilities of the Chair include general oversight of Assembly activities. This includes production of the Post-y, organization of the annual postdoc luncheon, and other activities. The Chair is the primary contact person for Council and for Council Liaison to the Assembly.

  • Term of service: 1 year
  • The Vice-Chair, after 1 year of service, transitions to the Chair position.
  • In the event that the Vice-Chair cannot make this transition, the Secretary is offered the position of Vice-Chair. If declined, the Treasurer, then the Councilor, is offered the opportunity. A general election will be held to fill any vacant positions.

Vice-Chair: The primary responsibility of the Vice-Chair is to assist the Chair, and prepare to serve as the next Chair. The Vice-Chair is responsible for oversight of the postdoc section of the SOT website as well as the Best Postdoc Publication Award. In addition the Vice-Chair is to lead efforts towards organizing special meetings such as a postdoc satellite meeting at the Gordon Research Conference.

  • Term of service: 2 years, transitions to the Chair position in the second year
  • * Elected position

Secretary: The primary responsibility of the Secretary is to record meeting minutes and serve as the point of communication about postdoctoral activities for other SOT Committees and the PDA representatives to those committees (i.e., Membership, Continuing Education, Career Resources and Development, Education, and Committee on Diversity Initiatives). Responsibilities may include the organization of any proposed co-sponsored workshops for the Annual Meeting with the Graduate Student Leadership Committee.

  • Term of service: 2 years
  • *Elected position, elected in alternate years

Treasurer: The primary responsibility of Treasurer is to monitor funds, conduct the annual postdoc survey, and assist with election procedures.

  • Term of service: 1 year
  • *Elected position

Councilor: The primary responsibility of the Councilor is to serve as a point of communication for postdoctoral fellows to the Board, including oversight of the postdoctoral representatives from Regional Chapters, Special Interest Groups, and Specialty Sections.

  • Term of service: 1 year
  • *Elected position

Election Procedures

An election is conducted each year for the Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Councilor; the Secretary is elected in alternate years for a term starting in an odd year.

Nominations will be received by the Board in early December. Nominations can be made by any member of SOT and self-nomination is acceptable. Student, Postdoctoral, or Associate SOT Membership is required. The candidate must be in a postdoctoral position by February of the year in which the officer term begins, and intention to remain in the postdoctoral position for at least 50% of the term May 1–April 30 (i.e., a postdoc transitioning during the term can still serve on the Board). Confirmation of the nominee’s appointment to a formal, mentored postdoctoral position by a representative at his or her institution is also required. The Board reserves the right to administer the 50% time criteria with some flexibility when it is in the best interest of the Assembly and SOT postdoctoral fellows.

Once elected to the PDA Board, officers will resign from service as postdoctoral representatives to the SOT Committees, Regional Chapters, Specialty Sections and Special Interest Groups. If assistance is needed to fill a vacant spot, the officer will work with the group to recruit and mentor a new representative.

The Board will serve as the Nominating Committee to produce the ballot. Up to three of the nominated candidates for each position will be selected by the Board based on background and a brief statement of interest. Nominees will be contacted by the Board in mid December to discuss the positions. A short biosketch and statement of interest will be requested for the ballot, which will be made available to the SOT postdoctoral fellows via the Web. Elections will be conducted electronically in January, and results tallied and reported by the Board to the SOT membership by the end of January of each year.

Voting by the Board

The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Councilor have full voting rights for matters determined by the Board. The Council Contact and Headquarters staff member serve ex officio without vote. A quorum of 3 members is required for a vote to be official. In the event of a tie vote, the tie will be broken by the vote of the Chair.

Assembly Registration

All current SOT members are automatically registered as members of the Assembly when Headquarters becomes aware of their status as a postdoc. Individuals will be on the PDA mailing list if they 1) are SOT Postdoctoral members, 2) identify themselves as postdoctoral fellows in their member profile, or 3) when they identify themselves as such to SOT staff, even if currently a Student Member. In an effort to populate and update the list of registrants, periodic emails requesting an update on membership status and contact information may be sent.


The Assembly is responsible for development and implementation of events and programs focused on improving both the postdoctoral experience in the Society and the professional development of postdoctoral fellows in toxicology.

Revision to Policies

These Policies shall be adhered to by both the Board and the Assembly Membership. If revision is required, the Board will recommend Policy changes to the Assembly for a vote, and then approved changes will be sent to Council for review.

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