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Council Procedures for Developing Position Papers on Major Issues

  1. Any member who has identified an issue that appears to warrant the SOT’s comment should notify either the president of an appropriate specialty section or a member of the SOT Council.
  2. If the person contacted deems the issue appropriate for SOT comment, he or she should inform the SOT Council’s Specialty Section Liaison or the SOT President.
  3. The SOT President, with the Council’s concurrence (i.e., a two-thirds vote), will decide whether or not to proceed with soliciting member comment and, if there is a decision to go forward, will identify which specialty section(s) will play the key role. The SOT Council’s Specialty Section Liaison will inform the key specialty section(s) President(s) of the assignment, deadline and form of the response. The Council Specialty Section Liaison will also inform the other specialty sections of the task.
  4. The Specialty Section Liaison will organize and chair an ad hoc Working Group to develop a draft Position Paper to be presented to Council. The working group will be comprised of at least 4 individuals, in addition to the Chair. Pursuant to a request made by the Specialty Section Liaison, presidents of particular Specialty Sections will be asked to nominate approximately 1–3 members of their specialty sections to serve as members of the working group (the President may nominate himself/herself as a member). The goal is to provide Council with a list of at least 10 (e.g., 10–12) nominees.
  5. Council will review the list of nominees and select those who will serve on the Working Group. Depending upon Council’s initial review of the list, it may request that the President(s) of a particular Specialty Section(s) nominate an additional member(s) of his/her Specialty Section in order to achieve a reasonable degree of “balance” on the Working Group.
  6. Council will identify the potential target audience(s) and methods of dissemination of the Statement.
  7. An article will be placed on our website, and in the Communiqué, announcing that the Society is developing a position paper. This article will include: (1) the issue under consideration; (2) the names of the members serving on the ad hoc committee working on the paper; (3) an estimated time-line for the project, including the date that a draft (bearing the notation “Limited Distribution-Draft Only” on each page) is expected to be available on the website so that members may provide their comments.
  8. The Working Group members are expected to solicit input from their respective Specialty Section membership, working through their Section’s President, as they participate in drafting the position statement.
  9. To gain a broad-based perspective on the issue, the working group will solicit comments from other groups/individuals (e.g., additional SOT Specialty Sections, SOT Committees, SOT Regional Chapters) and take into consideration comments received from the membership pursuant to No. 7, above, before presenting their draft to the Council.
  10. The SOT Council will review the draft and may seek additional input before finalizing the document and issuing it as a SOT Position Paper (requiring the approval of at least eight (8) of the eleven (11) Council members). The Council will consider submitting position papers for publication in a scientific journal as a method of disseminating the information.