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Strategic Plan 2015–2018

Vision of the Society of Toxicology

The Society of Toxicology’s vision articulates the long-term outcome or end-state that the Society will make a definitive contribution to creating. The Society of Toxicology’s vision is: A Safer, Healthier World.

Mission of the Society

An organization’s mission is a concise statement of why it exists—its fundamental purpose and reason for being. It is an enduring statement that usually remains the same for many years—providing long-term direction and continuity for the organization. The Society of Toxicology’s mission is: To Create a Safer and Healthier World by Advancing the Science and Increasing the Impact of Toxicology.

Guiding Values of the Society

The Society of Toxicology is a professional, scientific society dedicated to:

  • Serving the needs of the scientific discipline and our members to enhance human, animal and environmental health
  • Life-long learning and Intellectual scientific stimulation
  • Diversity of representation in all activities of the Society
  • Integrity

Strategic Priorities

Foundation of Strength

Strategizing on how to continue efforts to achieve the Society of Toxicology’s vision of “Creating a Safer and Healthier World,” has been the focus of Council’s work for the past year. Importantly, the new strategy does not supplant the core functions of the Society—providing forums for scientific exchange, member services, and education. It is, however, intended to enhance them in a way that is consistent with SOT’s mission, vision and guiding values.

The purpose of this Strategic Profile is to summarize the Strategic Plan for the Society for 2015 through 2018. The plan is an “evergreen process” that includes the following major elements:

  • Vision, Mission, and Guiding Values of the Society of Toxicology
  • The Society of Toxicology Strategic Map 2015–2018
  • A brief description of and rationale for each element of the Strategic Map

Central Challenge

The central challenge is the focal point of the Society’s strategic plan. It focuses on the Society’s unique role in shaping the future of toxicological science and practice—emphasizing a strong future focus. The central challenge recognizes that toxicology exists in a changing scientific landscape that includes such factors as:

  • Emerging science and technologies that significantly impact toxicology
  • Changing roles and career paths for toxicologists
  • Reductions in funding for research and technology

It stresses the importance of the Society’s efforts to proactively address these threats and opportunities in order to shape the future of toxicology and support toxicological practice.

The Central Challenge is supported by three strategic priorities, labeled A through C on the Strategic Map. Pages five through seven of this Strategic Profile provide a more detailed explanation of each strategic priority and the strategic objectives that support it.

Strategic Priority A: Strengthen the impact and relevance of toxicology

Strategic Priority B: Develop and support toxicologists to capitalize on future opportunities

Strategic Priority C: Expand outreach and impact globally

Steps Forward

The volunteer efforts and knowledge of the members are the primary reasons for the Society's success. The implementation of the tactical activities associated with the 2015–2018 Strategic Plan is dependent on member volunteers and staff. To facilitate these efforts, Council will make specific recommendations and allocate the resources to address the various strategic objectives of the plan. The ultimate goal of the strategic plan is to move the Society close to the realization of our mission “To create a safer and healthier world by advancing the science and increasing the impact of toxicology,” through measuring performance rather than percentage increases.

Additionally, there will be two different rollout events for the strategic plan during the SOT Annual Meeting. The first will be during the SOT Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, March 24 at 4:30 pm, in Ballroom 6A of the San Diego convention center. The second will be a Strategic Plan 2015–2018 Discussion Breakfast with Council on Thursday morning, March 26 at 8:00 am, in Room 3 of the convention center.

Society’s Strategic Plan 2015–2018