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Overview of Career Resource and Development Services

Career Resource and Development Committee

Career Resource and Development (CRAD) Services at the SOT Annual Meeting

Career Sessions

Employer Ads in SOT Communiqué

Mentor Match

Job Bank

On-Site Job Bank at the SOT Annual Meeting

Job Bank/Mentor Match Lounge

Toxicology Career Surveys

Career Resource and Development (CRAD) Services
at the SOT Annual Meeting

The Society is committed to providing SOT members with a unique and effective way to locate an employment position that matches your skills and training. To help you reach this objective, the Society provides the SOT Online Job Bank and on-site Job Bank Center. These and other services are offered free of charge to all SOT members.

The SOT Online Job Bank makes it easy for candidates and employers alike to access this service. Registrations are continuously processed and valid for four months. Once registered, candidates may search the listing of available jobs and employers may browse candidate profiles. During the registration period, users can update their listings or search the database as often as they wish. Communication with a desired employer or candidate can be made via email messages created within the system.

This CRAD service is an important component of the Annual Meeting, providing coordinated information on career opportunities and qualified candidates. The on-site Job Bank Center in the Convention Center offers availability to all online Job Bank services. Employers and candidates will have access to computers onsite. Job seekers and employers are encouraged to preregister before visiting the on-site Job Bank Center.

All users with current registrations at the time of the Annual Meeting will be permitted to use the service. Although preregistration is encouraged, registrations will be accepted at the Annual Meeting.

For additional information contact Kevin Merritt at 703.438.3115 ext. 1601.

All recruiting activities at the Annual Meeting will be carried out via the Career Resource and Development Services. No employer will be allowed to advertise positions elsewhere at the Annual Meeting.

Career Sessions

View the Career Sessions that are offered at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Access Past Education-Career Development Sessions

Employer Ads in the SOT Communiqué

The Society’s newsletter, Communiqué (four issues per year), will continue to include position advertisements for companies wishing to reach the entire SOT membership. Rates are based on the number of words in the advertisement: $400 for the first 100 words and $1 for each additional word. If your company is interested in more information, please contact Marcia Lawson at SOT Headquarters, 703.438.3115 or by email at Marcia Lawson.

Mentor Match

SOT recognizes the importance of mentoring in the scientific and professional development of its members. Thus, SOT’s Career Resource and Development (CRAD) Committee has launched an online mentoring program, Mentor Match as a new benefit of membership in the Society. The objective of this program is to provide a service that matches mentees with potential mentors from the SOT membership to provide advice on career path selection and success and life/work balance issues.

Job Bank

The Society’s Job Bank online makes it easy for candidates and employers alike to access this year-round, service anytime, anyplace via the SOT website. This forum links job candidates with employment positions in toxicology and related biological sciences. The Job Bank allows you to:

  • Post employment positions,
  • Register as an employer or candidate,
  • Search the Job Bank database, and
  • Contact candidates or employers.

Candidates can gain access to a variety of positions suited to their experience, areas of expertise, and desired geographical location. By posting resumes in this readily accessible Job Bank, employers can review resumes and determine an appropriate match for the positions available.

Employers from corporate, academic, governmental, and nonprofit organizations can attract potential candidates in a targeted and cost-effective manner through this SOT service. By having access to detailed candidate resumes, employers can determine the right match for a specific position and expedite the recruitment process. SOT Affiliates use this system at a reduced rate in appreciation of their commitment to helping further the objectives of the Society.

The online service provides a year-round mechanism for linking job candidates with employment positions in toxicology and related biological sciences. The system stores information submitted by its users and permits searches in categories such as: years of experience, types of experience, areas of expertise, type of position, type of employer, salary, and geographical location. The system has two options for users wishing to remain anonymous: The first option allows users to keep their identity hidden by selecting the “confidential” preference on the profile form. The second option allows users to simply register and pay for the service, skip the profile form and proceed directly to the search and browse menu options. Employers will not be able to search for candidates in this category. Contact with another user of the Service is made via an email message created from within the system. You may also contact these companies or candidates directly by telephone or fax.

Registrations will be valid for four months and all users may access the system as often as they wish. If your registration is valid during the Annual Meeting dates, March 22–26, 2015, you will be able to take advantage of the traditional Career Resource and Development Services offered at the Annual Meeting.

On-Site Job Bank Center at the SOT Annual Meeting

The On-site Job Bank Center provides Annual Meeting attendees with access to the SOT Job Bank system and facilitates face-to-face interviews. All users with current registrations at the time of the Annual Meeting are invited to use this service.

A bank of computers is available in the SOT Job Bank Center for last-minute updates to your account information or position posting, as well as printers for producing paper copies of candidate profiles and position descriptions. Candidates attending the Annual Meeting should bring multiple copies of their personal resumes for interviews. All candidates and positions should be sought via the online Job Bank.

Online Job Bank access will be available—as always—through your personal computer and at the Annual Meeting @SOT Center. Access to the online Job Bank in the Job Bank Center is generally limited to short searches or updates. (Times may vary based on demand.)

Employers recognize that the on-site Job Bank Center provides a cost-effective and efficient way to interview a distinguished pool of candidates. Interview rooms are available to be scheduled in advance of the meeting or on-site, on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure privacy for candidates, the SOT Job Bank Center is located away from the scientific sessions. Interview rooms are fitted with modular hard walls to increase privacy.

Job seekers and employers are encouraged to pre-register before visiting the Job Bank Center. Registration is also available on site.

For additional information, contact Kevin Merritt at SOT Headquarters: 703.438.3115 ext. 1601.

Job Bank/Mentor Match Lounge

A new addition this year to the SOT Job Bank Center, the Job Bank/Mentor Match Lounge is open to all meeting attendees. The Lounge is a semi-private space that may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Mentor/Mentee face-to-face meetings
  • Pre-interview preparation
  • Small component group mentoring activities

The Job Bank/Mentor Match Lounge will be open during SOT Job Bank Center hours.

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