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k-12 Educators

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Toxicology is the science that studies the effects of drugs, environmental contaminants, and naturally occurring substances found in food, water, air and soil and the use of that information to predict safe exposure levels. Toxicology is important to protect human and animal health and the environment.

Why teachers should be interested in teaching toxicology

"Paracelsus Outside the Classroom"—March 15, 2009, Baltimore event for students and families

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers in Washington state: Participate in TEAMS: Toxicologists Educating and Mentoring Students!

Paracelsus Goes to School, March 27, 2007—In concert with the SOT Annual Meeting, SOT's Committee on K–12 Education will sponsor two workshops that introduce toxicology concepts to middle and high school teachers from Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Paracelus Explores the Genome: Toxicology Advances Health

K–12 Paracelsus Exhibit Resources

Snapshots of Previous Paracelsus Teacher Workshops—SOT hosts Paracelsus Goes to the Classroom workshops for teachers each year at their annual meeting

Workshop Example—Nashville 2002

Paracelsus Goes to the Classroom
workshops for New Orleans teachers is March 8, 2005

Calendar of Science Teacher Professional Opportunities

Toxicology Curriculum Resources

Toxicology Enrichment Materials
Seed Bioassay (Northland Regional Chapter SOT) PDF Icon
Toxicology Resources for the Classroom (Pam Shubat, Northland Regional Chapter) PDF Icon
K–12 Educational Materials on Display at SOT Conference March 2000 PDF Icon
Importance of Animals in Toxicology PDF Icon
BioRAP™ activity leaflets
Excellence in Curriculum Integration through Teaching Epidemiology (EXCITE)

A teaching tool developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to introduce students to epidemiology and teach them about public health

News Articles and Briefings

Forget pesticides, eat your vegetables PDF Icon
Risk Assessment: What's is all about?
Public Service Announcement: "Follow the Directions: A Lesson for Life"
Case Stated—The Dose Makes the Poison "Managing Planet Earth: Personal Health; Risks and Realities: In a World of Hazards, Worries Are Often Misplaced"

Other Teaching Resources

Please note that SOT has checked these sites for relevance to toxicology and content. However, SOT is not responsible for the accuracy of other Web sites. Listing a Web site does not imply endorsement.

Resources—Here are places that you can explore toxicology and science-related teaching resources.

Name Source Topic area/Description
BioRAP™ Risk Assessment CURE Leaflet with a variety of activities related to risk assessment
Biodefense: A Need for Public Understanding and the Critical Role of Science Teachers PDF Icon NIH Office of Science Education Biodefense resource pamphlet for teachers
Toxicology Enrichment Materials SOT Lab activity
Project Greenskate HERE @University of Washington Simulation investigating creation of skate park on old landfill
Chemicals and Human Health The Biology Project University of Arizona Activity plotting lung area in smokers vs. nonsmokers; quiz on toxicology topics
Environmental Cyber School House Wayne State University Simulation of environmental health related illnesses
NIEHS K–12 Environmental Health Science Education Program National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences  
Project Earth Risk Identification Lifeline (PERIL) Canadian Network of Toxicologists CD-ROM based game to estimate risk of various common behaviors of young adults
EnviroHealth Connections Maryland Public Television Variety of activities.
Science Education for Public Understanding Program Lawrence Hall of Science  

Office of Science Education

National Institutes of Health Various curriculum packages and On-Line resources
"Life in Motion" Howard Hughes Medical Institute A video that shows how scientists from diverse backgrounds can work with scientists and each other to help students discover the excitement of today's biology
Project Learning Tree    
Project WILD    
ChemEcology Education Center    
Science Books and Films Online American Chemistry Council  
National Association of Biology Teachers    
National Science Teachers Association    
Access Excellence National Health Museum  
Marco Polo Consortium including AAAS and WorldCom   Interactive education kits
Educational Resource Foundation for Biomedical Research Science in Action video from an animated video action adventure designed to excite children about the many wonders of science; teacher guide and activity sheets are available.
Human Genome Project    
Eisenhower Clearinghouse   Provides math and science educators a central source of information about teaching materials, innovative ideas, and professional development


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