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K-12 Scientists

K–12 Outreach for Scientists

Why Teach Toxicology?

Volunteering and Mentoring

Toxicology Mentoring and Outreach Training Opportunities
The Education Committee K–12 Subcommittee has sponsored sessions at the SOT Annual Meeting to provide ideas, training and resources for toxicologists who would like to be involved in K–12 education outreach.

Contact SOT Headquarters for more information or to volunteer.

K–12 Outreach Volunteer Form

Education and Student-Related Activities at the SOT Annual Meeting.

Scientist Mentor Ideas

Links to Other Mentoring Sites

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
    The Senior Scientists and Engineers is an organization of scientists, engineers, educators, physicians, and other professionals who volunteer their services to support the needs of government, education, and the community. The more than one million STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professionals over age 60 in the U.S are excellent sources of partnership and expertise for K–12 teachers and students.

  • Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
    The Scientists in Science Education booklet is a comprehensive guide with background on the need for science education report, detailed descriptions of various roles scientists can play, a variety of way to impact education, and recommendations for assessment.

  • Connect a Million Minds
    The Connectory lists science, technology, enigineering, and math opportunities by area for volunteers and for kids, and events can be added to the list.

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers PreCollege Educator/Engineer Resource Site
    Information for Engineers—This rich site provides explanations just as relevant to toxicologists as to engineers of why you should be involved in K–12 education, how to establish contact with a school, tips for how you can be most effective, and success stories.

  • The National Academies
    Resources for Involving Scientists in the Classroom—Find tips here for deciding how to work in the schools-with students, teachers, supporting systemic reform, developing instructional materials as well as advice, and resource lists.

  • National Science Foundation
    National Lab Day: Advice for Volunteers—Tips for effective scientist interaction in school classrooms.

  • NIH Office of Science Education
    A Scientist’s Guide to Supporting K–12 Education—Website provides lots of information about why scientists should be involved in K–12 education, how to build and strengthen partnerships, ways scientists can help, and links to resources.

Resources for Toxicologists to Use in K–12 Outreach

SOT News Articles and Briefings:
Risk Assessment: What’s is all about?
Public Service Announcement: Follow the Directions: A Lesson for Life

Regional Chapter K–12 Outreach

K–12 Outreach Flyer for Regional Chapters pdf Icon

Suggested Basic Initial Steps to Chapter Involvement
What SOT Regional Chapters can do if interested in doing more in K–12 Outreach
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Six Step How to do a Regional Paracelsus pdf Icon

Regional Outreach Activities

Other SOT Regional Chapter K–12 Activities

Regional Chapter K–12 Education Contacts

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