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Career Development Advice and Tips

The SOT Career Resource and Development Committee works to develop information and produce webinars and SOT Annual Meeting sessions designed to provide career guidance to SOT members. In addition, each year, the SOT Postdoctoral Assembly hosts and organizes webinars designed to provide career advice and information to early-career toxicologists.

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Annual Meeting and ToxExpo Education-Career Development Sessions

2018 Education-Career Development Sessions

2017 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • Careers for Toxicologists at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions: Everything You Need to Know About the Job, Hiring Process, and Strategies for Success in Teaching and Research
  • Mastering Soft Skills to Advance Your Scientific Career

2016 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • “Talksicology”: Effective Oral Presentation Techniques
  • The Evolution of the Postdoc: Transitioning from Trainee to Professional in the Modern Era

2015 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • Adaptive Leadership: Anticipating, Initiating, and Responding to Change
  • Challenges in the Life Cycle of a Toxicologist
  • What Toxicologist Do You Wanna Be? The Role of Toxicologists across Diverse Organizations
  • Crafting High-Impact Manuscripts: The Process from Hypothesis through Review and Publication

2014 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • The Role of Toxicology in Undergraduate STEM Education Reform
  • Leadership in Science: Skills and Styles
  • The Role of Consultants in the Science and Practice of Safety Assessment
  • Scientific Ethics in Research and Publications
  • Training and Continuing Education for the “Total Toxicologist”: How Do We Optimize Training and Educational Opportunities for Different Job Sectors?

2013 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • From New Submissions to Competitive Renewals: Different Phases of Grant Writing
  • The Symbiosis of Mentoring: Getting the Most out of the Mentor-Mentee Relationship
  • Regulatory Science and Risk Assessment: Lessons for Early-Career Scientists on What to Expect and How to Pursue This Career Path
  • Toxicological Writing for Industrial and Regulatory Audiences

2012 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • Career Alternatives and Transitions: New Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Job Market for Toxicologists
  • The Art of Negotiation: A Fundamental Skill for Scientists
  • Refining Your Science Communication Skills

2011 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • Social Media and Informatics Essentials for Toxicologists
  • From Pilot Grants to High-End Journals: The Science of Writing
  • Bringing Toxicology to the Decision-Makers Table: Opportunities for Science Policy Positions in Washington, DC

2010 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • Where Do I Go Now? Rational Career Development Planning for Early-Career Scientists
  • Science Communication in 2010: A New Decade in Toxicology and Need for Better Communication
  • Career Alternatives in Toxicology: Lessons Learned

2009 Education-Career Development Sessions

  • Grantsmanship Forum: Tools and Skills Needed to Navigate Toxicology Research Funding
  • The Future of Environmental Health Science: Featuring NIEHS-Funded Early Career Investigators
  • Toxicologists: The Next Generation
  • Career Opportunities and Transitions in Toxicology
Career Development Webinars