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Platform Session Instructions

Guidelines for Giving a Platform Presentation

The following should help you in your presentation preparation:

  1. No scheduling changes can be made. You have been allotted a total of approximately 16–20 minutes, including discussion for your presentation. The chairperson has been instructed to require all speakers to adhere to this limit.
  2. Should circumstances prevent you from making your presentation, you must arrange for a substitute to present your paper and you must notify your session chairperson as well as SOT Headquarters.
  3. A slide presentation should include a title slide, a Conflict of Interest Disclosures slide, a slide stating the question or hypothesis to be addressed, and a slide describing the overall approach you used to address the question. A “methods” slide should be included but should never include the details of the method unless the purpose of the talk is to describe the method. The next several slides should present the results obtained, and a final slide should give the conclusions of the study.
  4. Prepare your slide to communicate ideas, not details. If someone wants details, let them ask you in the discussion period.
  5. Put the minimum amount of information on the slide to communicate the idea you want. After the draft of the visual, see what can be left out of the visual and still communicate the idea. Reduce the draft to reduce the material on the visual to minimum.
  6. Make the print large enough to be seen on an 8' screen from a distance of 100 feet. This means that the letters should be at least an 18-point font size, with no more than 10 lines of text. Avoid color combinations, such as red on blue, that do not project well.
  7. Graphical presentations of data often communicate an idea more quickly than a tabular presentation of the same data. Photographs may also be effective, but avoid pictures of animals.
  8. A table in a published article is much too detailed for a slide presentation. Take the time to think through what conclusion you want to present from the table and present the least amount of material you can to communicate that idea.
  9. Review your presentation on a different machine from which it was originally prepared to ensure the backgrounds, graphics and linked images appear properly.