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Poster Session Instructions

Poster Session Chairperson Guidelines


The objective of the poster session is to foster and encourage discussion and debate of important scientific questions relevant to the major themes of the session. Secondary objectives include providing specific feedback to the authors concerning their data and its interpretation and to foster interchange between the presenters and observers of the poster material.


Poster Sessions are made up of related abstracts which are presented in a poster format. There can be anywhere from 10 to 40 abstracts programmed together under one of several themes. Authors are assigned a specific time to be present at their posters, during which the viewers can discuss the work with them on a one-to-one or small group basis. There is no formal discussion period; however, poster Chairpersons are assigned to each of these sessions. Chairpersons will be expected to attend and foster discussion among the authors and the viewers. Since the majority of abstracts presented at the meeting will be scheduled in this format, the role of the Chairperson is extremely important.

Poster Numbers and Locations

Poster presentations have unique identifying numbers known as the abstract number (also known as abstract final ID number). Abstract numbers do not specify poster board locations. Presentations have separate Poster Board Numbers. These numbers define poster board locations. Each board retains the same poster board number throughout the week. Presenters should display posters ONLY on the assigned date and times.

The final Program shows the Exhibit Hall layout, and poster board number locations. Presenters should display posters on the assigned days and times only. Numbers in the final Program are Abstract Number and Poster Board Number, separated by a hyphen (-). The number 79–101 reflects Abstract #79 and Poster Board Number 101.

The first author of each poster abstract is responsible for the proper assembly, mounting, and presentation of his/her poster. Presenters will be allowed to begin mounting their display on their assigned board per the following schedule:


Poster Display Times

Begin Mounting Posters
(AM Sessions)

Begin Mounting Posters
(PM Session)

Monday, Tuesday,
and Wednesday

9:30 AM–12:45 PM and
1:15 PM–4:30 PM

7:30 AM

12:45 PM


9:30 AM–12:45 PM

8:00 AM

Preparation Before the Conference

Chairpersons will be assigned to each poster session. These Chairpersons should have some degree of expertise in the theme being presented. The abstracts to be presented during the poster session can be downloaded by using the SOT Online Planner and Mobile Event App prior to the conference. It is highly recommended that the Chairperson be familiar with the abstracts.

The Chairpersons may want to contact several of their colleagues to inform them of the poster session and the major themes and to ask that they attend the session. These colleagues should have specific expertise in the major problems to be addressed and, where possible, new investigators specifically should be invited.

During the Poster Session

It is desirable for the Chairperson to have some contact with each poster’s author at some time during the session, even if only for a few brief moments. In one regard, the Chairperson is acting as a representative of the Society who can both welcome the author’s participation and make them more comfortable at the presentation. This function is particularly important when the poster’s author is a new or young investigator.

Besides personal contact with each poster presenter, the Chairperson should encourage viewers’ participation and discussion. The Chairperson should try to guide viewers to posters that will be of particular interest to them. An important function for the Chairperson is to guide experts to posters so that they may give the authors feedback on their work and presentation. Again, this function is particularly important when the author is a new or younger investigator. The Chairperson also can function as a bridge between authors of different posters, who often are not able to review other posters at the same session because they are committed to standing by their own poster during this session.

Chairpersons should check all displayed materials. Photographs that depict inhumane treatment of animals are not permitted and must be removed if necessary. If there are any questions regarding the appropriateness of any presented material, contact the SOT office. It is expected that each board will be attended by the presenter, or alternate, during the assigned time. Any unattended displays should be listed on your session evaluation form.

Lastly, the Scientific Program Committee asks that you inquire of those participating in your session for comments, concerns and suggestions to improve our Annual Meeting. Any information received should be noted on your Chairperson Evaluation Form. Please also make sure that the area around your session is kept clean and free of refuse.