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2016 SOT Annual Meeting Policies

By registering for the 2016 SOT Annual Meeting, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

For individuals who are not members of SOT, participation in SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is available only to bona fide individuals who are engaged in or promote the field of toxicology or biotechnology research and support the growth and development of the toxicology field. For organizations, participation in SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is available only to bona fide organizations with public policy positions and business practices that are generally consistent with SOT’s mission, goals, reputation, and its policies and principles as determined by SOT. SOT reserves the right to review applications for participation at SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo to confirm that the applicant meets these criteria and may, at SOT’s sole discretion, reject a registration by any individual or organization or withdraw registration privileges at any time if any individual or organization is found to be inconsistent with SOT’s principles and interests.

Unless written notification by the registrant, stating otherwise, is submitted to SOT Headquarters prior to the Annual Meeting or while registering on-site, SOT Annual Meeting registrants grant SOT permission:

  • To reproduce, copy, and publish image, voice, and any or all media taken at the Annual Meeting.
  • To share registrant contact information with organizations that we believe might have a product or service of interest to you. Limited data provided to third parties include name, title, affiliation, and business address. Your telephone and fax numbers, and email will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • To share registrant name and affiliation with SOT Exhibiting companies.
  • To be included in the Attendee listing accessible to meeting registrants using the Mobile Event App—registrant name and affiliation shared.

SOT Annual Meeting registrants are prohibited from:

  • Inviting children under the age of 15 and guest/spouse registrants into the Exhibit Hall. Session Chair must provide consent for the guest/spouse or child to attend the session.
  • Soliciting in the ToxExpo Exhibit Hall unless they are a current exhibitor. SOT retains the right to have removed from the exposition any company that has not duly contracted for exhibit space.
  • Taking photographs or other electronic capture of scientific sessions in meeting rooms or the ToxExpo without the consent of the session chair and the presenter(s)/author(s).
  • Photographing colleagues against the backdrop of scientific posters on display without the express consent of the presenting author(s).
  • Photographing exhibit booths.
  • Cell phone use while attending scientific sessions.

The policies adopted above will be enforced by the Society. Those individuals who do not comply will be asked to leave the session or ToxExpo floor. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the SOT Headquarters Office.