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Undergraduate Education Program

Daily Calendar

Sunday, March 13

New Orleans Convention Center

Chairperson(s): Jorge Naciff, Procter & Gamble Company, Mason, OH.

Hosted by: Committee for Diversity Initiatives (CDI)

Sunday, March 13

Open to CDI Travel Award Recipients, Mentors, and Organizers and Undergraduates who register for the Sunday Undergraduate Education Program.

Chairperson(s): Jorge Naciff, PhD, Procter & Gamble, Mason, OH; Judith Zelikoff, New York University School of Medicine, Tuxedo Park, NY.

7:30 AM–8:00 AM Registration for Sunday Undergraduate Program Participants Room 275
8:05 AM–8:15 AM Toxicology Presentations 
Chairs: Jorge Naciff, PhD, CDI Chair, Procter & Gamble, Mason, OH; and Judith T. Zelikoff, PhD, CDI Co-Chair, New York University School of Medicine, Tuxedo Park, NY.
Room 272
8:05 AM–8:10 AM Welcome from SOT President
Peter Goering, PhD, SOT President, US FDA, Silver Spring, MD.
8:10 AM–8:55 AM Integrating Toxicology Research to Determine Drug Safety
Lois Lehman-McKeeman, PhD, ATS, 2014 SOT President, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Princeton, NJ.
8:55 AM–9:40 AM Does Air Pollution Exposure Contribute to the Etiology of Neurodevelopmental Disorders?
Deborah A. Cory-Slechta, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY.
9:40 AM–9:50 AM Break
9:50 AM–10:35 AM Human Health Assessment: Hazard Evaluation and Risk Assessment
Marquea D. King, BS, PhD, US EPA, Washington, DC.
10:35 AM–10:45 AM Groups move to La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom B  
10:45 AM–11:50 AM Interactive Presentation 
Chemical Fingerprints: Toxicogenomics for Solving Toxicological Mysteries

Vanessa De La Rosa, PhD, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.
La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom B
12:00 Noon–12:40 PM Lunch and Networking La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom B
12:40 PM–12:45 PM Preview of Afternoon
Jorge Naciff, PhD, CDI Chair, Procter & Gamble, Mason, OH.
12:55 PM–1:55 PM Breakout Sessions for Students: What Is Graduate School and What Can I Expect? How to Get into Graduate School
Judith T. Zelikoff, New York University School of Medicine, Tuxedo Park, NY.
Breakout 1 Graduate Student Facilitator: Jessica Sapiro, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
Academic Advisor Facilitator: James Luyendyk, PhD, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.
Room 278
Breakout 2 Graduate Student Facilitator: Pamella B. Tijerina, BS, 2011 Program Alumna, New York University School of Medicine, Tuxedo Park, NY.
Academic Advisor Facilitator: Lauren M. Aleksunes, PharmD, PhD, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ.
Room 279
Breakout 3 Graduate Student Facilitator: Megan Culbreth, MS, Albert Einstein College
of Medicine, Bronx, NY.
Academic Advisor Facilitator: T. Annelise Nguyen, PhD, MBA, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.
Room 280
12:55 PM–1:55 PM Breakout Session for Advisors:
Tips for Advising Prospective Graduate Students or How to Get Your Students Accepted to Graduate School
William D. Atchison, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI.
Room 281
1:55 PM–2:05 PM Break
2:05 PM–2:55 PM Career Roundtable: Opportunities in Toxicology
Aimen K. Farraj, PhD, DABT, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC.
Team 1 Academia: Darryl Hood, PhD, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
Government: Xi Yang, PhD, US Food and Drug Administration, Jefferson, AR.
Industry: René Viñas, PhD, Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, Washington, DC.
Room 278
Team 2 Academia: Antonio Baines, PhD, 1993 Program Alumnus, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC.
Government: Jorge Muniz Ortiz, PhD, United States Department of Agriculture, Silver Spring, MD.
Industry: Jennifer L. Rayner, PhD, DABT, 2006 Program Alumna, SRC, Arlington, VA.
Room 279
Team 3 Academia: Courtney Sulentic, PhD, Wright State University, Dayton, OH.
Government: Ines Pagan, DVM, PhD, US Environmental Protection Agency, Durham, NC .
Industry: Christopher Stewart, PhD, MPI Research, Mattawan, MI.
Room 280
3:00 PM–5:00 PM Open Time with Academic Toxicology Program Directors and Internship Sponsors
Judith T. Zelikoff, New York University School of Medicine, Tuxedo Park, NY.
Featuring representatives from academic institutions across the country recruiting talented students interested in advanced studies in the biomedical sciences.
Room 272
3:00 PM–4:00 PM Informal Poster Display for Undergraduate Participants
Presenter attended 3:30 PM–4:00 PM
Room 272
SOT Annual Meeting Events  
5:15 PM–6:30 PM Awards Ceremony Great Hall B
6:30 PM–7:30 PM Welcome Reception Great Hall A
7:30 PM–8:30 PM Student/Postdoctoral Scholar Mixer La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom B