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SOT Annual Meeting Scientific Session and Continuing Education Planning and Submission Information

Every March, around 6,500 toxicologists and 350 exhibitors attend the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, the largest gathering of industry, governmental, and academic toxicologists in the world. At the event, speakers and presenters share the latest in toxicological science and research. SOT solicits proposals for scientific sessions and Continuing Education courses from early March to April 30 each year (May 2 if April 30 falls on a Saturday or Sunday).

Scientific session and Continuing Education course proposals were accepted until Monday, May 2, 2016 (until 12:00 Noon Eastern Time) for the 2017 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Thank you for your proposals!

The period for submission of individual abstracts for poster or platform presentations is from mid-August to early October each year. 

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Scientific Session Proposal Submission

Session proposal submissions were accepted until Monday, May 2, 2016 (12:00 Noon Eastern Time) for the 2017 Annual Meeting and ToxExpo.  

If you would like to begin planning your submission for the 2018 Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, please consult the following information:

All proposal submissions are reviewed under the current criteria for their timeliness and relevance to the field of toxicology. Themes for the Annual Meeting are developed by the Scientific Program Committee following the proposal submission process. Information about these themes is made available during the summer.

The SOT Scientific Program and Continuing Education (CE) Committees place great value on the contributions of Specialty Sections and Special Interest Groups (SS/SIGs) in the preparation of high quality proposals for sessions at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. For this reason, it should be noted that session organizers can submit their draft proposals directly to the SS/SIG(s) for their review/feedback prior to formal submission to SOT. Click here for a full list of SOT endorsing groups, including SOT Committees, and contact information.

Scientific Poster and Platform Session Submission

SOT solicits abstracts for poster and platform sessions at SOT’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo from mid-August to October 7 (October 9 at 12:00 Noon ET if October 7 falls on a Saturday or Sunday) each year.

Go to: Abstract submission information

Late Breaking Abstract submissions will be accepted beginning December 5, 2016.

Scientific Session Types


Proposals for symposia should feature cutting-edge science: new areas, concepts, or data in the forefront of toxicology. A symposia session is 165 minutes, with two chairpersons and four to five speakers.


Proposals for workshops will be informal, interactive presentations that highlight state-of-the-art knowledge in toxicology with an emphasis on discussion. A workshop session is 165 minutes, with two chairpersons and four to five speakers.

Innovations in Applied Toxicology and Toxicological Sciences

A limited number of symposia and/or workshops are designated Innovations in Toxicological Sciences (ITS) or Innovations in Applied Toxicology (IAT). ITS will introduce new technologies or scientific disciplines to the membership, and IAT will introduce innovative approaches in applied research. To apply for the IAT or ITS designation, please submit a letter providing a clear justification to David Rossé at SOT Headquarters. Please include the system generated control ID# assigned to your proposal in your communication.


Controversial topics are the basis of roundtable proposals. Each roundtable lasts 80 minutes. These are moderated discussions, with two–four speakers providing a three to five minute statement and the balance of the time for questions and discussion.

Historical Highlights

Proposals for a historical highlight should be a review of a historical body of science that has impacted the field of toxicology, including the work of multiple laboratories and the resulting advancement of the science. The session should be 80 minutes and can include a single or multiple speakers as appropriate.

Informational Sessions

Sessions are not based on the outcome of scientific research, should present the latest science in toxicology, or other learning opportunities that address the professional interests and needs of toxicologists, and can include the areas of general information or planned scientific activities.

Education-Career Development Sessions

Sessions that provide the tools and resources to toxicologists that will enhance their professional and scientific development.

Informational and Education-Career Development sessions are programmed for 80 minutes. For sessions of these types that wish to compete for 165-minute time slots, the proposal submitter should provide a clear justification explaining why the extended time is warranted. All requests should be sent to David Rossé at SOT Headquarters via email. Please include the system generated control ID# assigned to your proposal in your communication.

Go to: Scientific Program Submission Guidelines for Informational and Education-Career Development Session Proposals

Regional Interest

Sessions on central topics of relevance that describe public health and/or ecological problems of that region. A regional interest session is 165 minutes, with two chairpersons and four–five speakers.

Additional References

Continuing Education (CE) Course Submission and Organization Guidelines

These proposals should emphasize quality presentations of generally accepted, state-of-the-art knowledge in toxicology. Courses are scheduled into a one-hour sunrise slot or a four-hour slot, either morning or afternoon. The four-hour courses have a chairperson and 3–4 speakers. Course levels are either basic, for a broad overview, or advanced, for individuals with previous knowledge of the subject. Proposals for Continuing Education courses are due April 30 (May 2 at 12:00 Noon ET, if April 30 falls on a Saturday or Sunday).

Go to: Continuing Education (CE) Course Submission and Organization Guidelines