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Tox Topics

Society of Toxicology (SOT) members have produced a series of information sheets on toxicology topics that impact human, animal, and environmental health. The following documents are not official issue or position statements by the Society, but SOT has made every effort to make these information sheets balanced and science-driven.

Airway Epithelial Toxicity of the Flavoring Agent 2,3 Pentanedione

Alternative Toxicity Test Methods: Reducing, Refining, and Replacing Animal Use for Safety Testing

Can All Those Chemicals Be Causing My Asthma?

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Developing Safe Products Using Nanotechnology

Endocrine Disruption—General Overview

Inhaled Particles: From the Nose to the Brain?

Melamine Contamination of Infant Formulas: Lessons Learned

Opportunities to Modify Current Regulatory Testing Guidelines and Advance the Assessment of Carcinogenicity Risk in the 21st Century

Ovarian Toxicity: Current Concepts in Toxicology, Pathology, and Mechanisms

Phthalate Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity: Implications for Cumulative Risk Assessment

Research Advances and Enduring Needs in Children’s Environmental Health Protection

Signaling Mechanisms for Metabolic Dysfunction Following Low-Level Arsenic Exposures: From Mouse to Man

Women’s Health: Toxicology and Safety of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

21st Century Validation Strategies—One Size No Longer Fits All

Alternative Approaches to the Safety Assessment of Natural Ingredients and Extracts in Cosmetics

Breast Cancer As a Multifactorial Disease: Interaction of Genetics, Life Stage, and the Environment

Dietary Supplement Adulteration and Impact on Human Health

Global Health and Environmental Impacts of E-Waste Recycling

Scientific, Regulatory, and Public Perspectives on the Credibility and Use of Alternative Toxicological Test Methods in a Legislative Framework

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