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The Midwest Regional Chapter is inviting applications for an Undergraduate Travel Award sponsored by the Regional Chapter Communication and Collaboration Group (RC4).

This is a need based travel grant that is targeted to encourage undergraduate participation in regional chapters as well as enables them to attend the SOT Annual Meeting and present a poster of a toxicology-related project.

Undergraduate applicants who have worked in the lab of any Midwest Regional Chapter SOT member can apply with an abstract, statement of purpose, and letter of support from their mentor for this award. Please see attachment for more details regarding eligibility and application.

The MRC-SOT Executive Committee will review these applicantions and finalize one nominee from our chapter by 14 September. This MRC-SOT nominee will be sent to the RC4 Award Committee along with other regional chapter nominees.

Top three awardees (one each from a different chapter) will receive $1,100 each that can be used for SOT AM registration and travel. MRC-SOT can also provide supplemental funding to this awardee if the selected candidate is from our regional chapter.

A request to members who can identify themselves as “mentors for undergraduates”, please mail A mentor name list will be created and can be added on our MRC-SOT webpage, to help future undergraduate award applicants.

More information and application