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President’s Message

Greetings NorCal SOT members,

It has truly been a pleasure to serve as the President of Northern California Regional Chapter of the Society of Toxicology over the past several months and has been an honor to work with its enthusiastic and energetic Board of Directors who are, despite their busy lives, working hard to make sure our members enjoy a fruitful and fun experience. Please join me in recognizing and welcoming the exceptional board members of this vibrant chapter. NorCal SOT always seeks active and dedicated members who truly want to be involved in this chapter’s activities and build upon the outstanding legacy of our predecessors. If you would like to be a part of the NorCal SOT Board please contact us we are always looking for dedicated and energetic members to join our Board of Directors.

You are also more than welcome to contact us with suggestions by simply contacting one of the board members.

I first started serving this Chapter four years ago as the K–12 NorCal SOT Liaison to the National SOT Education Committee during which I was asked to organize a K–8 event. This event was held at the Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science the Saturday before the 2012 SOT annual meeting, and it was attended by more than 500 young and impressionable elementary students and their enthusiastic parents who wanted to learn about toxicology. I was assisted by the wonderful and bright students of the University of Berkeley undergraduate toxicology student association (ToxSa) who designed and developed our experiments and activities for the day. Since then, NorCal SOT and ToxSa have joined to continue K–12 education outreach year after year. Unfortunately, as of this year, SOT’s mission no longer support K–12 outreach. Regardless of this change in SOT mission, NorCal SOT Board believes in the importance of introducing toxicology to children at an early age and has decided to continue its support for K–12 outreach. After serving as the Chair for K–12 outreach for three years I finally passed the baton to our K–12 enthusiast VP, Doris Zane. If you are interested in supporting or volunteering for upcoming K–12 outreach, please contact Doris.

Our symposiums have always been successful and well attended thanks to the participation of our members and sponsors. To continue with the tradition, we will host two symposia this year. Our first symposia was held on October 18, 2016 and was a success. The second symposium is planned for Tuesday May 16, 2017. Both symposia will focus on current topics in the field of toxicology and will feature speakers from around the Bay Area as well as nationally recognized experts. This year we are also joining forces with the Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Society-San Francisco Bay (PBSS, formerly known as CACO) to help advertise our event to the entire Bay Area and also to consider future joint meeting with this society. This is a great opportunity for NorCal to reach out to a larger audience and bring to its members access to cutting edge science from around the Bay Area and beyond.

NorCal SOT has a very energetic postdoctoral (Suren Bandara) and graduate student (Samantha Faber) representatives who are hard at work in setting up mentoring and networking events with SOT Professionals for our young toxicologists. If you are interested in serving as a mentor or participating in our networking events please contact them.

NorCal SOT is a vibrant and extremely active chapter of SOT but this would not have been possible without the help of over 458 members. We would like to expand this membership. Please encourage your colleagues to become members! Rod Prell leads the new membership drive. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining the chapter, please refer them to Rod.

Last but not least, my heartfelt gratitude goes to all of our sponsors! Your sponsorship goes a long way in funding the chapter’s activities. Sponsorship drives occur prior to each symposium. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Julie Rider our treasurer to learn more about how your sponsorship can contribute to the continued growth and success of the chapter.

I look forward to your participation and continued support,

Warm regards,

Toufan Parman, PhD, DABT
President, Northern California SOT Regional Chapter