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Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO)

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President’s Message

Dear TAO colleagues:

I really appreciate the opportunity to serve as your president. I believe these are very interesting times in that there are many challenges to our organization as well as many opportunities. One of the challenges is to make certain TAO remains relevant in today's world of instantaneous communication and rapid technological development. We need to seek out those who are working at the cutting edge of their scientific fields and if they are not members, encourage them to apply. In that manner, we can assure the continued scientific strengths of TAO and also be in a strong position to mentor, advise and other assist those who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

One manner of advertising or inroducing individuals to TAO is for us to make certain we encourage members to submit/sponsor symposia, posters, information sessions, etc. that are relevant to those of African ancestry. Such sessions may facilitate collaboration and in some instances can go a long way toward fostering the advancement of global scientific initiatives. I believe this is exceptionally importance for we are becoming increasingly aware that inclusivity is a strength especially when it comes to science. Although the deadline for submitting meeting proposals for 2018 has passed, we should begin thinking about 2019.

I believe you can glean from what I have said to this point, that I intend to focus on two main goals:

  1. Expand TAO's membership, particularly encouraging leaders in scientific fields to join our organization
  2. Increase the number of symposia, posters, information sessions offered and sponsored by TAO

The year 2018 represents our 10th anniversary. Boy, has the time gone by. We have no determined the type of celebration for this achievement but watch the newsletters and our other modes of communication.

Before closing this brief message, I want to thank all who accepted the responsibility of being an officer this year and thanks also to the last year's board members, Elena Braitwaite, Mohamed B. Abou-Donia, Christopher W. Stewart, Darryl B. Hood, Frank Johnson, and Kristin Noell-McMillian.

Best Regards,

Sidney Green, Ph.D., ATS
TAO 2017–2018 President