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American Association of Chinese in Toxicology (AACT)

President’s Message

Z. Alex Xu

It seemed like yesterday when we met in San Antonio in March. I enjoyed the annual meeting not only for the outstanding scientific programs, but as a fantastic opportunity to meet old friends, make new ones, and continue the collaboration in the respective arena with the leaders. As a resident in the northeast region of the States, I am ecstatic that the Winter has finally left and the Summer is right in front of us. With this seasonal change also comes the change in leadership of our association — American Association of Chinese in Toxicology (AACT). As I take the reins, I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity you have given me to serve you.

We have already had our first 2018–2019 term board meeting. I am so impressed by the passion and strong desire from every member in the Board to involve themselves. Nobody is hesitant to give ideas to support all AACT operations. I served in the AACT board in the past, knowing the expectations from the Association and the aspiration from each member, and I am confident we will continue our success this year with the new board.

In the annual meeting in March, we successfully completed what we said we would complete. In the reception, updates were provided in the President’s report, the Finance report, and the Election report. Annual awards were presented for Distinguished Chinese Toxicologist Lectureship, Jean Lu Student Scholarship, and Best Abstracts Awards. After the AACT-SIG Career Development Workshop, numerous positive feedback was received, thanks to Dr. George Chang (FDA), Dr. Jian Song (L Brands), and Dr. Quanshun Zhang (IIVS) who gave practical, detailed, and valuable suggestions to those Chinese toxicologists who are in pursuit of their desired career path. Nevertheless, most Chinese toxicologists have achieved their goals in the programs they participated during the annual meeting.

While we have attained a great success thus far, we need continue our effort to consider those aspects that need improvement. It is always good to reiterate our objectives when we plan for the coming year, a) to foster interactions among professionals of Chinese background and/or ethnicity in toxicology or related sciences through the exchange of information in education, technology, employment, or business opportunities; b) to facilitate collaborative activities in toxicology-related research or projects between Chinese scientists or organizations in the US and abroad; and c) to promote the participation of scientists of any ethnic background who share the same common interests in toxicology and related fields. In response to these objectives, the best action is to develop strategic plans to cultivate all the programs I highlighted above, engage all toxicologists with Chinese ethnicity, and increase the interactions with other scientific societies to promote cross-regional collaborations.

In 2018–2019, AACT will continue to maintain the AACT member diversity. We will be proactive in engaging professionals of Chinese background and/or ethnicity (e.g., Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.) through involvement with AACT webinars, awards, receptions, and other education, technology, employment opportunities.

AACT will continue to enhance professional interactions with toxicologists from all regions, support and sponsor webinars, workshops, or other types of meeting sessions in or outside of the US. AACT successfully managed delegations to participate and present in the 6th, 7th and 8th meetings of Chinese Society of Toxicology (CSOT) in China in 2013, 2015, 2017. We will carry on exploring such opportunities.

We welcome any ideas from you to make this our headway. As communicated before, AACT is planning to sponsor SOT-wide webinars for AACT members to present their scientific findings and/or commonly interesting topics, and this interaction will facilitate communications with other SOT scientific groups.

Before I sign off, A big THANK YOU to all AACT members, the Board, and our sponsors. Without your participation and contribution, AACT would not be as successful as it is today. AACT is a great platform to keep us connected and an integral part of our professional engagement. Knowing this, let us remain in eager anticipation of the many networking and scientific opportunities that await us.

X. Sherwin Yan, MD, PhD, DABT, ERT
2018–2019 AACT President
June 17, 2018