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American Association of Chinese in Toxicology (AACT)

President’s Message

Z. Alex Xu

Dear all AACT members,

Since my last message in June, the new leadership team of the American Association of Chinese in Toxicology (AACT Board) has been actively working on a few key tasks that we have committed to take on. Through teleconference, emails and WeChat, the Board members have given their best to support all AACT operations. I would like to use this chance to give you all a quick update on where we are today.

We had a successful annual meeting and reception in March. It was a busy night, but much was accomplished. We attended the distinguished toxicology lecture, updated members with all AACT functions, issued awards (Distinguished Chinese Toxicologist Lectureship, Jean Lu Student Scholarship, and Best Abstracts Awards) to some outstanding winners. We also heard some constructive feedback on how we can improve the flow of a meeting by giving people more time to network and focus on specific subjects given a limited time frame. Sophia Jia and Li Zhan on the Board took the initiative and had an AACT membership survey conducted. This survey focused on AACT membership value, future seminar, annual reception matters, and the Distinguished Chinese Toxicologist Award lecture, etc. Thanks to all the participants, we have received evident and prevailing opinions that will guide us in our preparation for the 2019 meeting and reception. The survey results will be published soon in the AACT website and newsletter.

One of AACT objectives is to promote the participation of scientists of any ethnic background who share common interests in toxicology and related fields. With a good strategic plan in place that engages professionals of Chinese background and/or ethnicity, it is paramount to maintain the AACT member diversity and increase the interactions and collaborations with Chinese toxicologists from all regions. While there are many overarching actions we can take to involve people from each of our networks such as continuing to broadcast the AACT membership benefits, inviting for AACT reception, awards, and webinars, etc., there are also smaller events that we can start with. We are lucky to have Dr. Ming-Wei Chao, from Taiwan Chung Yuan Christian University, who will give a webinar on November 26 to all SOT members. His topic is PM2.5-Induced Imbalance of Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species Cause Vascular Dysfunction & Develop Disorder. A flyer notice will be available shortly. Of course, this is not enough, all AACT members should continue to take proactive approaches through involvement with AACT seminars, awards, receptions, and other education, technology, employment opportunities.

It is the season again that the Board encourages all members to consider and apply for the appropriate SOT and AACT awards. As usual, AACT offers three awards: The Distinguished Chinese Toxicologist Lectureship Award, the Jean Lu Scholarship Award, and the Best Abstract Awards. Based on the positive comments regarding the award criteria for the Distinguished Chinese Toxicologist Lectureship Award, the Board has had several discussions and now detailed a set of specific requirements for candidates who may have very different background and experience. This set of criteria is now inclusive enough to encourage applicants such as industrial leaders, academic professors, and professionals from regulatory and scientific agencies, respectively. You will see the new criteria in AACT website very soon.

The AACT 2019 annual meeting and reception will be on March 11, 2019 during the SOT 58th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I want to thank our sponsors for their generous support over the years. Because of their gracious support, we have accomplished our milestones and continued the success every year. For AACT to continue serving its members and become more impactful, a solid financial foundation is the key. We cordially invite other organizations to be one of the honorable AACT sponsors. With your support, we will be able to pervade the AACT awareness, further AACT’s connection with other sister SIGs, and better serve our members and society as a whole.

Again, I would like to thank all AACT members for your vital participation in support of AACT activities. Particularly to the AACT Board, you have my immense thanks for the excellent work you have put in to the association. It is truly a pleasure working with all of you.

X. Sherwin Yan, MD, PhD, DABT, ERT
AACT President
November 12, 2018