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Silvia Berlanga de Moraes Barros, PharmD, MSc, PhD

Prof. Barros is at present Senior Professor of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of São Paulo where she was a professor of General Pathology for undergraduate and of Toxicology for graduate Students. She is a fellow of the National Research Council Brazil. She received her Master in Analytical Toxicology in 1976 from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of São Paulo and doctorate in Toxicology in 1980 at the same University. Prof. Barros has written 95 peer reviewed publications. She mentored 18 PhDs and 8 MSc students. Silvia Barros leads several nationally funded research projects with a focus on oxidative stress mediated hepatotoxicity and more recently on the photoprotective and anticarcinogenic activity of natural products. Also she is involved in the development of skin alternative methods to animal experimentation for drugs and cosmetics safety evaluation and risk assessment. Dr. Barros is Associate Editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology, Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Applied Research in Toxicology and Current Opinion in Toxicology. Dr. Barros directs a successful Workshop to train governmental, industrial, and academic scientist in Latin America in the process of chemical risk assessment.

She served as Councilor (2014–2016) and Vice-President Elected of HOT (2016), Director at IUTOX Executive Committee (2004–2010), Councilor of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (1993–1995), member of the ILSI-Brazil Scientific and Administrative Council (2004–2007) and Secretary-General (1990–1991 and 2003–2004) and President (1992–1993) of the Brazilian Society of Toxicology. At present she is Vice-president of HOT (2017-2018), member of the SOT Membership Committee (2015–2017), member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Food Safety (until 2018) and Director of IUTOX (2016–2019).

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