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ImTox SS

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Exchange program with the Japanese Society of Immunotoxicology

Since 2005, a collaborative exchange has been ongoing between Japanese Society of Immunotoxicology (JSIT) and SOT Imtox SS members. Mitch Cohen and his International Exchange Committee have established excellent connections with the JSIT. The 2009 JSIT meeting will be held August 27–28 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. The theme of the meeting will be "Children and Immunity" and Drs. Dori Germolec (NIH/NIEHS) and Judy Zelikoff (NYU School of Medicine) are the invited speakers from the ImTox SS.

The invited JSIT representative for SOT 2010 in Salt Lake City is Dr. Takemi Otsuki (Kawasaki Medical School, Kurashiki, Japan). Dr. Otsuki and Dr. Andrij Holian (Univ. of Montana) are planning to Co-Chair a proposed a symposium session on "Silica and Asbestos Immunotoxicity: Mechanisms to Fibrosis, Autoimmunity and Modified Tumor Resistance."

A symposium session titled "Transcriptional Changes in Immunotoxicology: Transcription Factors, Signal Transduction, and
Epigenetics" was jointly chaired by Drs. Keiko Nohara (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan) and Nancy Kerkvliet (Oregon State Univ.) at the Baltimore meeting of SOT in 2009. Dr. Nohara was the first official representative of the JSIT to Co-Chair a session at SOT which fulfilled one of the major goals of the International Exchange Committee. The symposium session was well attended and great discussion took place regarding the role of epigenetic changes in immunotoxicology. Presentations were given by K. Nohara, S.W. Burchiel (Univ. of NM, Albuquerque), M.J. Pallardy (Univ. of Paris), B. Paige Lawrence (Univ. of Rochester, NY) and R.L. Miller (Columbia Univ., NY).

In 2008, Drs. Steve Pruett and James Pestka traveled to JSIT to lecture on "Immunotoxicology of Innate Immunity” and "Mucosal Immune Dysfunction by the Trichothecene Mycotoxins". Pictures and programs for all of the JSIT meetings can be found at the following website.