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Mixtures Specialty Section



Award Title Best Student/Postdoc Abstract Awards 
Award Description The Mixtures Specialty Section (MixSS), with the sponsorship of John Wiley publishers, provides awards targeted toward graduate students and postdoctoral fellows involved in research related to the toxicology of mixtures. At SOT 2019, the MixSS will recognize the outstanding Student and Postdoc abstracts. Two separate awards may be conferred. The winner of each will receive an achievement plaque and a cash award.

To be eligible, the student or postdoctoral fellow must be first author and the abstract must have been accepted by the Program Committee and must advance the field of mixtures research.

To apply please send:
1) an electronic copy of the accepted abstract;
2) a synopsis not to exceed three pages of the work on mixtures covered in the abstract. The synopsis can contain figures, tables and/or text; and
3) a letter from their major advisor addressed to Vice President-Elect Tom Webster, DSc confirming the trainee status (graduate student or postdoc) in good standing at the time of abstract submission.

The deadline for submission is midnight EST, January 31, 2019.  
Deadline January 31 
Applicable Documents  
Award Title Best Abstract Award 
Award Description All abstracts on mixture-related toxicology accepted for presentation for the 2019 SOT Annual Meeting are eligible for this award. Applicants must either choose "mixtures" as the category for presentation or list "mixtures" as a keyword during abstract submission in order to be considered for this award. The five finalists will be notified of their selection during the Annual Meeting. All finalists will be recognized and the winner of the Best Abstract Award will be announced at the Annual Reception of the Mixtures Specialty Section. For further information about the Mixtures Specialty Section Awards, contact the current Senior Counselor, Bethany Hannas, PhD.  
Deadline October 7 
Applicable Documents  

Past Award Recipients

SOT 2016

Best Mixtures Abstract: Cynthia Rider (NTP/NIEHS), Title: In Vitro Screening to In Vivo Testing of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds at the National Toxicology Program

Graduate Student Award: Parker Duffney (University of Rochester Medical Center), Title: Cigarette Smoke Dampens Antiviral Response by Disrupting TLR3/IFN Axis in Lung Epithelial Cells

Postdoctoral Award: Justin Conley, PhD (US EPA), Title: In Vitrotoin Vivo Extrapolation of Xenoestrogens Using an Estrogen Responsive In Vitro Transcriptional Activation Assay and the In Vivo Uterotrophic Assay

Top 6 Abstracts (listed alphabetically by author below):

  • David Mattie, Title: Health Hazard Assessment of AlcoholToJet (ATJ) Synthetic Kerosene with Aromatics (SKA) Alternative Jet Fuel
  • Margaret Pratt, Title: Advancing the StateoftheScience in Estimating Cancer Risk of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Mixtures
  • Cynthia Rider, Title: In Vitro Screening to In Vivo Testing of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds at the National Toxicology Program
  • Joshua Salley, Title: Use of Partial Least Squares Regression to Identify GC/MS Spectral Peaks Correlated with Toxicity Outcomes in Rats of Crude Oil From Various Sources
  • Mathieu Valck, Title: Evaluation of the Magnitude of The Agedependant Adjustment Factor (ADAF): a Kineticsbased Case Study with Trichloroethylene and Vinyl Chloride
  • Thomas Webster, Title: Mixtures of Full and Partial Agonists: Several Mechanisms of Receptor Activation are Consistent with Generalized Concentration Addition


SOT 2015

Best Mixtures Abstract: Krystin Carlson (University of Michigan), Title: Assessment of Ototoxicity Due to Chronic Lead and Cadmium Exposure with and without Noise Exposure in CBA/J Mice

Graduate Student Award: Award: Axelle Marchand (Universit de Montral), Title: Evaluation and Modeling of the Impact of Co-Exposures to VOC Mixtures on Urinary Biomarkers

Post doctoral Award: Melissa Badding, PhD (NIOSH), Title: Pro-inflammatory Responses and Inflammasome Activation by Sintered Indium-Tin Oxide Particles

Top 5 abstracts (listed alphabetically by first author below):

  • Krystin Carlson, Title: Assessment of Ototoxicity Due to Chronic Lead and Cadmium Exposure with and without Noise Exposure in CBA/J Mice
  • Deborah Cory-Slechta, Title: Developmental Methylmercury Exposure Produces Behavioral Toxicity in Female Mice That Is Only Seen in Combination with Prenatal Stress in Male Mice
  • Susie Huang, Title: Quantitative Metabolomics Informs a Systems Biological Approach to Characterize Toxicity in Zebrafish Larvae
  • Axelle Marchand, Title: Evaluation and Modeling of the Impact of Coexposures to VOC Mixtures on Urinary Biomarkers
  • David Mayfield, Title: Examination of Multiple Dose-Response Analysis Methods for Estimating Dermal Cancer Risks for PAH Mixtures


SOT 2014

Best Mixtures Abstract: Kembra Howdeshell (NIEHS/NTP)

Graduate Student Award: Axelle Marchand (Université de Montréal) Title: Studying the Impact of Volatile Organic Chemical Coexposures on the Urinary Excretion of Their Metabolites in Human Volunteers

Post doctoral Award: Laura Datko-Williams (ORISE), Title: Assessment of In vivo Toxicological Interactions from Criteria Air Pollutant Mixtures

Top 5 abstracts (listed alphabetically by first author below):

  • Authors: N. Catlin, S.M. Huse, K. Boekelheide; Title: The Stage-Specific Apoptotic Response of the Rat Testis to Low-Dose 2,5-Hexanedione and X-Irradiation Coexposure
  • Authors: K.L. Howdeshell, C.V. Rider, J.R. Furr, V.S. Wilson, L.E. Gray; Title: Dose Addition Predicts Effects of Phthalate Mixture on Male Reproductive Tract Development and Associated Fetal Testis Gene Expression in Rats
  • Authors: A. Leblanc, E. Blanc, A. Ambolet-Camoit, C. Benelli, S. Bortoli, R. Barouki, M. Aggerbeck; Title: Xenobiotic Mixtures Decrease Human Hepatic Gluconeogenesis and Glucose Oxidation
  • Authors: A. Marchand, R. Aranda-Rodriguez, A. Nong, S. Haddad; Title: Studying the Impact of Volatile Organic Chemical Coexposures on the Urinary Excretion of Their Metabolites in Human Volunteers
  • Authors: A.M. Vinggaard, N. Hadrup, M. Pedersen, K. Skov, L.O. Bertelsen, H. Frandsen, K.G. Kongsbak, J. Boberg, U. Hass; Title: Mixture Effects at Human Relevant Exposure Levels?

SOT 2013

Best Mixtures Abstract: Daniel Borg (Karolinska Institutet)

Graduate Student Award: Dana Lauterstein (New York University), Title: Effects of a Smokeless Tobacco, Gutkha on Neurotransmitter Levels and Associated Parameters in the Mouse Brain

Post doctoral Award: Rhiannon David, PhD (Imperial College London), Title: Mixtures of Benzo[a]pyrene with Direct or Indirect Acting Mutagens Have a Nonmonotonic Mutation Profile

Top 10 abstracts (listed alphabetically by first author below):

  • Authors: G.V. Alexeeff, J. Faust, L. August, R. Cendak, W. Wieland, T. Kadir, L. Cushing, K. Randles, C. Milanes, L. Zeise; Title: California Communities Environmental Health Screening Tool (CalEnviroScreen)
  • Authors: D. Borg, B.O. Lund, N.G. Lindquist, H. Håkansson; Title: Individual and Cumulative Health Risk Assessment of 17 PFASs in the Swedish Population
  • Authors: J. Gruber, R.D. Patel, J.E. Rager, A.P. Sanders, S. Edwards, J.E. Gallagher, R.C. Fry; Title: Exposure to Metals Mixtures: Genomic Alterations of Infectious Disease Response Pathways in Children Exposed to Environmental Metals
  • Authors: B. Hannas, J.R. Furr, L.E. Gray, V.S. Wilson; Title: Comparison of Estrogen Mixtures In Vitro vs In Vivo
  • Authors: W. Lichtensteiger, C. Bassetti-Gaille, O. Faass, J. Boberg, S. Christiansen, U. Hass, A. Kortenkamp, M. Schlumpf; Title: Effects of Different Endocrine Disruptor Mixtures on Gene Expression in Neonatal Rat Brain Regions: Focus on Developing Excitatory Synapses
  • Authors: A.K. Tiwary, R.I. Magaw, D.A. Zemo, K.T. O'Reilly, R.E. Mohler, K.A. Synoweic; Title: Reference Dose (RfD)-Based Chronic Human Health Hazard Ranking System for Complex Mixtures—Assessment of Polar Nonhydrocarbons in Groundwater at Biodegrading Petroleum Sites
  • Authors: V.S. Wilson, J.R. Furr, C. Lambright, B. Hannas, L.E. Gray; Title: Cumulative Effects of a 9 Phthalate Mixture on Charles River-Sprague-Dawley (CR-SD) Fetal Rat Testis Testosterone (T) Production and Gene Expression
  • Authors: C.J. Wolf, C. Rider, C. Lau, B.D. Abbott; Title: Evaluation of Additivity of Binary Mixtures of Perfluoroalkyl Acids (PFAAs) on Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-Alpha (PPARα) Activation In Vitro
  • Authors: K. Zaccaria, P. McClure; Title: Associations between Carcinogenic and Immune Suppression Activities of PaHs: Insights into Improving Cancer Risk Assessment for PAH Mixtures
  • Authors: J. Zavala, K. Lichtveld, S. Ebersviller, G.W. Walters, H.E. Jeffries, Kenneth G. Sexton, W. Vizuete, I. Rusyn, I. Jaspers; Title: Development of a Portable In Vitro System for Lab and Field Aerosol Exposure Studies

SOT 2012

Best Mixtures Abstract:Carl J. Johnston (University of Rochester)

Graduate Student Award: Paul R. Eden (Mississippi State University)

Post doctoral Award: Michelle C. DeSimone (North Carolina State University)

Top 10 abstracts (listed alphabetically by first author below):

  • Authors: S. Flor*, G. Ludewig; Title: Evaluation of Steroidogenic Pathway Disruption and Adrenal Steroid Hormone Secretion in the Human Adrenocortical H295R Cells by Lower Chlorinated PCBs, Their Metabolites and Commercial Mixtures
  • Authors: C. Gennings*, L. G. Stork; Data-Derived Extrapolations, QSAR, In Silico Strategies, and Surrogates: Testing FOR Sufficient Similarity in Environmental Mixtures Using Exposure Data and Mixture Toxicology
  • Authors: F. Glahn*, Q. D. Nguyen, J. Wiese, J. G. Hengstler, I. Grosse, H. W. Foth; Title: Toxicity of Mixtures: Are in vitro effects of metal mixtures predictable from the responses to the single components?
  • Authors: C. J. Johnston*, R. Gelein, D. A. Cory-Slechta, J. N. Finkelstein, G. Oberdorster; Title: Early Life Inhalation Of Ambient Particles And Ozone Mixtures Sensitizes The Lung To Later Life Challenges
  • Authors: A. J. Larkin*, L. K. Siddens, S. K. Krueger, S. C. Tilton, K. M. Waters, W. M. Baird, D. E. Williams; Title: Signature Applications and Network Analyses: Developing a Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Predicting the Interactive Effects of Complex PAH Mixtures on the CYP1B1 Transcriptional Regulatory Network
  • Authors: M. Mumtaz*, P. Bourdillon; P. Ruiz; D. Mellard; Title: Implementation of the Hazard Index Approach in Field Assessment of Chemical Mixtures
  • Authors: P. S. Price*, X. Han; Title: Application of a Decision Tree Tool to the Evaluation of Cumulative Risks from Mixtures of Polar Compounds Measured in European Surface Waters
  • Authors: D. T. Szabo*, R. R. Shah, L. S. Birnbaum; Title: A Transcriptomics Approach Using HBCB to Prioritize Chemicals and Mixtures for Developmental Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment
  • Authors: S. C. Tilton*, L. K. Siddens, S. K. Krueger, A. Larkin, K. M. Waters, D. E. Williams, W. M. Baird; Title: Distinct Cytochrome P450 Regulation by PAH Mixtures in Mouse Skin: Insights on Carcinogenic Mechanisms from Transcriptional Profiling of Tumor Initiation
  • Authors: T. Webster; Title: Toxicity of Mixtures: Mixtures of endocrine disruptors: how similar must mechanisms be for concentration addition to apply?

SOT 2011

Best Mixtures Abstract:Johnathan Boyd (West Virginia University)

Graduate Student Award:Julia Rager (UNC Chapel Hill)

Post doctoral Award: Suzane Ramos da Silva (Sao Paulo State University Medical School)

Top 11 abstracts (listed alphabetically below):

  • D.S. Bermudez, L.E. Gray, and V.S. Wilson. Title: Modeling mixtures of environmental estrogens detected in U.S. surface waters with an in vitro estrogen mediated transcriptional activation assay (T47D-KBluc)
  • Jonathan Boyd, Xueli Gao, Holly Williams,Catherine Kinzer, Julie Vrana. Title: Cell Signal Transduction to Predict Mixture Interactions
  • Caroline Carr, Chris Gennings, Barbara D. Abbott, Judy E. Schmid, Wen Wan, Lyle Burgoon, Cynthia J. Wolf, Christopher Lau. Title: Determining a Robust D-Optimal Design for Testing for Departure from Additivity in a Mixture of Four PFAAs
  • Mouna Cheikh-Rouhou, Sami Haddad. Title: Drugs interacting with trichloroethylene metabolism in rat and human
  • Douglas A. Dawson, Gerald Pöch, Terry W. Schultz. Title: Effects of an asymmetry parameter on curve-fitting for single chemical and mixture concentration-response data: 3) Mono-halogenated acetonitriles and ethyl acetates
  • Seth M. Ebersviller, Kim Lichtveld, Jose Zavala, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Ken G. Sexton, Ilona Jaspers, Harvey Jeffries. Title: Particle Uptake of Gaseous Air Toxics Modifies Observed Toxicity of PM
  • Marina V. Evans, Hui M. Yang, Karen A. Yokley, Anthony McDonald, Y. M. Sey, C. R. Eklund, Jane Ellen Simmons. Title: Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling of two binary mixtures: metabolic activation of carbon tetrachloride by trichloroethylene and metabolic inhibition of chloroform by trichloroethylene
  • Xianglu Han, Paul S. Price. Title: The Maximum Cumulative Ratio (MCR): A Tool for Assessing the Need for Cumulative Risk Assessments
  • Nazanin Kaveh, Michelle Gagné, Ginette Charest-Tardif, Robert Tardif, Kannan Krishnan. Title: PBPK modeling of the aggregate and cumulative exposures of rats to toluene, n-hexane, cyclohexane, and Isooctane
  • Dimosthenis A. Sarigiannis, Alberto Gotti, Spyros Karakitsios. Title: A computational framework for cumulative risk assessment
  • Jane Ellen Simmons, M. G. Narotsky, L. K. Teuschler, J. G. Pressman, E. S. Hunter, G. E. Rice, G. R. Klinefelter, J. M. Goldman, T. F. Speth, L. F. Strader, R. J. Miltner, S. Parvez, A. McDonald, D. S. Best, C. A. Dingus, S. D. Richardson. Title: Integrated Multi-disciplinary Assessment of Environmentally Realistic Complex Mixtures of Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) (The 4Lab Study)

Year 2008

Marc-André Verner (Best Student Abstract )

Sheppard Martin (Best Student Abstract)

Sookwang Lee (Best Student Abstract)