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Issue and Position Statements

As part of the Society’s mission to build for the future of toxicology and to promote the recognition of Toxicology by increasing the reliance of policy, regulatory and corporate decision-makers on the science of Toxicology, SOT has developed a procedure for writing issue statements. This procedure takes precedent over the drafting of position statements because SOT represents many diverse audiences and our mission to external audiences is to present a balanced view of the science and ensure that all policy decisions on grounded on scientific information.

Issue Statements

During 2010, SOT Council initiated a process to determine if the Society could develop issues papers, short balanced presentations of the science and related issues underlying an area of relevance to SOT and the field of toxicology. The statements are intended for policymakers, the media and the general public. The process was approved and Council launched a test case by putting together a writing team to draft an issue paper on the Gulf Oil Spill.

Position Statements

Some years ago, Council approved the following position statements to highlight the SOT’s commitment to research in improving the health of humans, animals, and the environment.

Download Collection of SOT Position and Policy Statements PDF

Messaging Guide for Scientists Discussing Humane, Responsible Animal ResearchPDF

Tobacco Policy

SOT does not accept contributions from tobacco companies, nor does it allow tobacco companies to be SOT Affiliates.

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