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Publications and News

Toxicological Sciences

The Society’s official journal contains influential research in the field of toxicology each month. An electronic subscription to Toxicological Sciences is a benefit of membership to the Society. 

Annual Meeting Publications

The science presented at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is compiled into two main publications: the Program and The Toxicologist. Current and archived issues of these publications, as well as an online database for The Toxicologist are available. 


This is the Society’s weekly blog and quarterly newsletter that shares Society announcements, news and information that impacts the field of toxicology, and other content relevant to SOT members. 

SOT Statements

There are many issues of importance to the field of toxicology. The Society has developed a series of documents discussing these issues, including the Society’s view on animals in research. Individuals are welcome to submit new topics for consideration at any time. 


How to interpret scientific research, messages from the SOT president, Society press releases, and video interviews of past Society presidents are available through this section of the website. 


There are many advertising opportunities available through the Society, including ads in our journal, Toxicological Sciences, and our newsletter, Communiqué. There also are exhibitor advertising packages tied to the SOT Annual Meeting & ToxExpo. 

Non-SOT Publications and Discounts

Through their SOT memberships, individuals can receive discounts for other journals and publications. This page also contains information on publications and books that may be of interest to SOT members.