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Fall 2016 
Annual Meeting, Toxicological Sciences, and Outreach Efforts Promote Essential
Nature of Toxicology
Critical to SOT's long-term success is the ability to communicate and advance toxicology. Three programs that are helping in this endeavor are the Annual Meeting, Toxicological Sciences, and the ongoing SOT FDA Colloquia.
The Politics of Funding Scientific Research: A Canadian Case Study
Canadian scientists and researchers are hoping for a recovery in basic research as they enter the second year of the Trudeau Administration, which has already increased science funding and support after a decade of cuts under the Harper Administration.
Toxicology's Pivotal Role in Natural
and Environmental Disaster Recovery
and Research
How are disasters defined and what role does science play in their aftermath? SOT and toxicologists work with a number of government agencies to help assess disaster consequences to protect human, animal, and environmental health.
Spotlight on Toxicology at the US FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)
From toxicological reviews of tobacco product reports and applications to research projects that inform regulatory activities, SOT members are engaged in complex and multifaceted projects at the US FDA Center for Tobacco Products.
Through the Decades: How the SOT Achievement Award Impacts Early
Career Scientists
The SOT Achievement Award is one of the two oldest awards bestowed by SOT. To discover the impact of the award on its recipients, SOT Historian Marion Ehrich spoke with award recipients from the past three decades.