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Winter 2017 
Exploring Toxicology Impacts, Expanding Outreach and Partnerships, and Preparing for the Annual Meeting
The Society has formed two new task forces, which are charged with boosting the Society’s outreach efforts to other scientists. In addition, SOT Council met with EUROTOX leaders to assess how the societies can continue to work together to further toxicology.
Metabolic Syndrome: Toxicology’s Next Patient
With approximately 35% of all adults and 50% of individuals aged 60 years or older estimated to have metabolic syndrome, the disease is a major public health concern.
Creativity, Relevance, and Rigor: Three Key Aspects for Producing Good, Publishable Science
Publishing is an integral part of science. An SOT Board of Publications member shares his perspective on how to produce “good science” for publication…and for career satisfaction.
Inspiring the Next Generation of Toxicologists
Through on-campus visits and seminars, ToxScholars introduce undergraduates to toxicology, sparking new love for and interest in the field. “It’s invaluable to be able to get tips and advice from professionals in the field, whether it’s academia or industry.”
Scientific Liaison Coalition Members Share Common Goal of Improving Public Health
In just a few years, the Scientific Liaison Coalition has supported many events and programs to further its mission of improving public health through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach.