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SOT Statements

The Society of Toxicology is committed to providing sound, balanced science information on toxicological topics of importance to human, environmental, and animal health. If you have a topic that you would like the Society to address, please consult the SOT Statements Procedure document and submit a proposal form to the SOT Communications Manager.

Issue and Position Statements

SOT Issue Statements represent official viewpoints of the Society of Toxicology and present a balanced view of toxicological science and connected sciences. They are written by subject-matter experts, reviewed by SOT membership at large, and approved by SOT Council. Prior to 2010, SOT Issue Statements were referred to as Position Statements.

Express Statements

SOT members have produced information on toxicology topics that impact human, animal, and environmental health. The following documents are not official issue or position statements by the Society, but SOT has made every effort to make these information sheets balanced and science-driven. Prior to 2015, Express Statements were referred to as Tox Topics.

Use of Animals in Research—SOT Statements and Resources

Currently, research involving laboratory animals is necessary to ensure and enhance human and animal health and the protection of the environment, but the Society of Toxicology also supports the development and use of alternatives to the use of animals. The Society expects its members to consider alternative procedures that reduce the number of animals used, refine the use of whole animals, or replace whole animals (e.g., in vitro models, invertebrate organisms) in research, when appropriate. If the use of animals is necessary, the animals should be used and treated in a responsible manner.

Express Statements

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