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Job Bank Disclaimer

Employers/Recruiter Disclaimer:

SOT as the sponsor of this site extends no warranty or representation of any kind as to:

  1. Whether the placement of any offer of a position was authorized by the offeror (prospective employer);
  2. Whether the position remains open;
  3. Whether the description of the position is accurate and complete; and
  4. Whether the offeror subscribes to SOT’s policies and supports SOT’s objectives and mission (this is not a requirement for placement of position offers on this site).”

Candidates Disclaimer:

SOT in addition extends no warranty or representation as to the credentials or experience of responders (either as to whether the responder is a member of SOT and if so as to the responder’s standing within SOT or as to the responder’s curriculum vitae, experience or repute. This is an open website not restricted to members of SOT; SOT undertakes no screening role as to responses of which it is aware and in other cases may be entirely unaware that a response has been submitted.