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Mentor Match—The SOT Online Mentoring Program

Mentor Match
Mentor Access
  Mentee Access

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) recognizes the importance of mentoring in the scientific and professional development of its members. Thus, SOT’s Education and Career Development Committee has launched an online Mentoring program as a benefit of membership in the Society. The objective of this program is to provide a service that matches mentees with potential mentors from the SOT membership to provide advice on career path selection and success and life/work balance issues. Some members may serve as mentors but might also be a mentee as they consider moving into a different specialty or area of employment. Before beginning this process by responding to the appropriate web-based questionnaire for matching, you are encouraged to review the program guidelines below.

For those mentors and mentees who have both active and inactive registrations in the SOT online Job Bank system, your questionnaire will prepopulate with the information from your user account for your convenience. You will be able to easily update and refine this information, which will be saved in both the online Mentoring and Job Bank systems.

Program Guidelines

  • Mentor Match primarily will focus on career path planning; however, discussions are not limited to these topics.
  • Confidentiality is important and will be protected in this online system, and it is anticipated that the information shared by the mentee and mentor should be kept confidential. SOT is not responsible for any breaks in confidentiality.
  • Advice given by the mentor does not necessarily reflect the views of the SOT.
  • The mentor and mentee should establish ground rules about timing and frequency of contact and areas of discussion.
  • Either the mentor or mentee may terminate the relationship at any time by notifying the other.
  • The mentor and mentee can remove his or her name from the potential mentor or mentee pool at any time.
  • After the interaction, we request all participants complete a survey to provide feedback concerning the mentoring/mentee experience.

Easy-to-Use Features

  1. Create a profile providing specific details about your career and select attributes that you would seek in a match.
  2. View an automated list of potential matches and/or search database for listing of potential matches based on specific criteria.
  3. Narrow your selection by reviewing more match details.
  4. Make contact with your potential match using the information provided within the system.

For further information, please contact Rachel Woodson.