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Translational Impact Award

Deadline: October 9


The Translational Impact Award is presented to a scientist whose recent (last 10 years) outstanding clinical, environmental health, or translational research has improved human and/or public health in an area of toxicological concern. Scientists who are leaders in multidisciplinary team efforts that have contributed to alleviating toxicity-related health problems are particularly attractive candidates.

Application Criteria for award:

  • May be a member or nonmember
  • Can include toxicologists as well as other scientists with any background (clinicians, basic scientists, epidemiologists, engineers, etc.)
  • Research contribution in the last 10 years
  • Research has had a clinical, public health or translational impact to improve the health of individuals exposed to toxic agents

Items needed in application:

  1. Letter of nomination from Full member of the Society
  2. Curriculum vitae of nominee
  3. Seconding letter from Full member of the Society

Both letters should name the specific contribution for which the scientist is nominated and discuss the impact the work has had on human or public health. A publication list is not sufficient without analysis.

The award includes a plaque that is presented at the SOT Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony, a cash stipend, and an invitation to deliver the Translational Impact Award Lecture at the Annual Meeting at which the award is given, as well as an invitation to write a review for Toxicological Sciences that relates to the research for which the award was given.

Historical Listing of Award Recipients

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials: