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Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology SS Roger O. McClellan Student Award - Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology SS

Deadline: January 31


Special consideration will be given to abstracts that exemplify the role of comparative medicine in evaluating the safety/risk of exposure to chemicals or physical agents.

Nominees for the Award must be individuals who are enrolled in a program leading to a DVM or degree or in post-DVM residency or a post-DMV graduate program. The awardee must be a member of the Society of Toxicology (any level) or have an application pending. The abstract must be submitted and accepted through the regular SOT submission process. This research must be hypothesis driven.

Please email applications to Sunish Mohanan by January 14th prior to the SOT Annual Meeting at which the presentation will be made.

The award application must include the following:
  • a letter of recommendation from the mentor
  • a one-page statement of the applicant’s scientific interest
  • a current CV
  • a copy of the submitted abstract
The awardee must attend the receptions for both the Comparative and Veterinary Specialty Section (CVSS) and the Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology Specialty Section (TEPSS). The award will be given at one of these receptions and the recipient will be acknowledged at the other. The award winner will present a brief (5 minute/5 slide maximum) synopsis of their research at each reception. Award recipients will be selected by a committee jointly appointed by CVSS and TEPSS. This Award will complement existing awards of these two Specialty Sections, thus applications for multiple awards are encouraged.

Please email Sunish Mohanan ( if you should have any questions.

This award is made possible by the Roger O. McClellan Student Award Fund, a Named Fund of the SOT Endowment. Please see the attached PDF file for a more detailed description of this award.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:


Sunish Mohanan