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Association of Scientists of Indian Origin SIG Dr. Dharm Singh Postdoctoral Fellow Best Abstract Award

Deadline: December 8

This award is made possible by the Dr. Dharm Singh ASIO-SIG Postdoctoral Fellow endowment fund established with SOT. Multiple awards will be given each year to postdoctoral fellows of Indian origin, for their presentations made at the SOT Annual Meeting. Each postdoctoral award includes monetary award and a certificate.

The number of awards presented each year and the award winner(s) will be determined by ASIO awards committee.

Award Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only postdoctoral fellows of Indian origin are eligible to apply for this award.
  • Must be a postdoctoral trainee at the time of application for this award.
  • The applicant must be the first author (equal contribution first co-author is acceptable) in the submitted abstract. This is indicative of lead role and significant contribution of the applicant in the research work.
  • Must be an ASIO member (or have pending application for membership*). If not a member yet, you can apply for ASIO membership throughout the year via the following link: There is no SOT membership requirement. However, we strongly encourage applicants to apply for SOT membership, if they are not members currently.
  • Must have an accepted abstract or a submitted abstract (pending acceptance) for the SOT Annual Meeting. Awardees must have an abstract accepted prior to the SOT annual meeting to be eligible for receiving the award.
  • Must NOT have received this award more than twice in the last three years.

Submission Requirements:

A SINGLE PDF file containing the following application material should be emailed to

  • Page 1: Submitted SOT abstract for poster or platform presentation to SOT, including SOT abstract submission number. Note: If your abstract is not accepted for presentation at SOT annual meeting, your application will be automatically removed per Eligibility Criteria listed above.
  • Pages 2 and 3: A cover letter (up to 2 pages) from the applicant outlining the problem/research statement and the hypothesis of the research; key methods used; main findings, conclusions, and relevance to the field of Toxicology.
  • *If nominee’s application is still pending, please provide their membership application as a separate attachment.

For any questions please contact Hemant Chavan.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Hemant Chavan