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Association of Scientists of Indian Origin SIG Dr. Laxman Desai Graduate Student Best Abstract Award

Deadline: November 15


This award is made possible by the Dr. Laxman Desai ASIO-SIG student award endowment fund established with SOT. Multiple awards will be given each year to students of Indian origin, for their presentations made at the SOT Annual Meeting, and whose work exemplifies the mission of ASIO-SIG.

Each student award includes a plaque and monetary award. The number of awards presented each year and the award winners will be determined by ASIO awards committee. To apply for this award, please submit your complete application by emailing Sindhura Ramsahayam on or before Nov 15th prior to the SOT Annual Meeting at which the presentation will be made.

Award Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only students of Indian origin are eligible to apply for this award.
  • Must be a graduate student in good standing from a reputed university at the time of applying for this award.
  • There are no membership requirements. However, we strongly encourage applicants to apply for both ASIO-SIG and SOT memberships, if they are not members currently.
  • Must have an accepted abstract at the SOT Annual Meeting.
  • Must NOT have received an ASIO-SIG sponsored award more than twice in the last three years.

Submission Requirements:

    A SINGLE PDF file containing following material should be emailed to
    • Accepted SOT abstract submitted for poster or platform presentation to SOT, including SOT abstract number (Microsoft Word File).
    • A cover letter from the applicant outlining the significance of their research work to Toxicology field and how this award will help them to further their career goals.
    • A Current CV.

    NOTE: All student applications are considered for both Dr. Desai and Dr. Mehendale awards. They need NOT apply for both separately.

    For any questions please contact Sindhura Ramsahayam.

    Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Sindhura Ramsahayam