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Mechanisms SS Mechanisms SS Renal Toxicology Award

Deadline: December 10


Eligibility for Renal Toxicology award:
  • Predoctoral Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Member of SOT
Submission mechanisms and judging criteria:
  • Submission of abstract for SOT Annual Meeting for the year in which application for the award is made
  • Additional 300 word summary that includes purpose of the study or hypothesis being tested, scientific approach (very briefly described), results and significance
  • Focus of the award is on kidney: examples including but not limited to mechanistic or molecular renal toxicology, drug discovery for renal diseases, studies validating urinary biomarkers, measurement of elimination rats of toxicants. Part of the submission essay should describe how the applicant focuses on renal toxicology.
  • Additional letter of support from mentor/advisor describing how project fits into scope of renal toxicology
A single PDF file containing the abstract, essay, and supporting letter to be sent to by December 10, 2018. In the subject line, please put "Renal_applicantlastname". For Example: Renal_Smith

This award is made possible by the Renal Toxicology Fellowship Award Fund of the SOT Endowment. For more information regarding this award please contact

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials: