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Women in Toxicology SIG Postdoctoral Fellow Achievement Award

Deadline: November 30


This award is given to a SOT postdoctoral fellow member (current or pending) who has demonstrated outstanding scientific achievement in the field of toxicology and who has also provided leadership and service. Applicants for the Award are not precluded from applying for travel support or other SOT Awards outside of WIT.  Applicants who are not WIT members are strongly encouraged to join.


Requirements for applicants include:

  • Current or pending postdoctoral member SOT at application deadline
  • Current postdoctoral research fellowship
  • Research relevant to the field of toxicology
  • An accepted abstract for the 2018 SOT Annual Meeting


Required application components (listed below) should detail the applicant’s scientific achievement, leadership and service activities, relevance of research to toxicology, and the contribution the applicant’s research has had on the field of toxicology. These criteria, with others listed below, are used in the award selection process.


1)  1-page narrative describing postdoctoral research hypothesis, background, and significance (written text not to exceed 1 page with 12 pt. Times New Roman)


2)  1-page cover letter written by the applicant highlighting their most significant leadership and service activities and summarizing their scientific achievement and contributions to the field of toxicology (written text not to exceed 1 page with 12 pt. Times New Roman)


3)  Curriculum vitae of the applicant that includes specific descriptions of the applicant's scientific achievements, leadership, and service


4)  Supplemented abstract of the accepted presentation for the Annual Meeting (may include figures and graphs; written text not to exceed 2 pages with 12 pt. Times New Roman)


5) Two letters of recommendation describing the postdoc’s scientific achievement and contributions to the field of toxicology, including descriptions of their leadership and service activities. One letter must be from the applicant's research advisor/mentor and include recognition of the applicants’ contributions to the research being presented. One of these two letters must be from a Full, Associate, or Emeritus SOT member


Finalists may be interviewed by phone prior to selection of the awardee.


The awardee will receive an engraved plaque and monetary award. The intent of the monetary award is that it be used for education and/or research-related expenses, including travel to scientific conferences.


All components of the award application must be sent to as a single PDF file. The name of the award must be indicated in the title field. The application must be received by the deadline or the applicant will not be considered for the award.


Postdoctoral fellows can only apply for one (1) WIT award.


Contact: Jennifer Cohen (

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Jennifer Cohen