SOT Awards

Biotechnology SS Outstanding Young Investigator Award

Deadline: January 8

A monetary prize will be awarded to the Young Investigator who has made a significant contribution to the evolution of scientifically relevant approaches to and interpretation of toxicology aspects unique to biotechnology-derived products. The recipient must have less than 10 years of experience since obtaining his/her highest earned degree. This award is NOT LIMITED only to those in academia.

The nomination should include:

1) Summary of the candidate’s scientific contributions, including originality, creativity, and impact on advancing the field of biotechnology as it relates to the toxicology/environmental health sciences communities

2) A curriculum vitae

3) Two letters of recommendation

All nominations of candidates who have not received the award will be retained and considered for an additional two years unless the nomination is withdrawn by the sponsor.

Determination of the awardee will be by the members of the award committee.

Please submit nominations to Jason Pinkstaff.

Award Group: SOT

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Jason Pinkstaff