SOT Awards

Occupational and Public Health SS Paper of the Year Award

Deadline: December 31

1. The paper must be published in a peer-reviewed journal during the year preceding the annual meeting.

2. At least one co-author must be an SOT member at any level of membership.

3. Papers may be nominated by an Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section member.

4. The subject matter must pertain to occupational, environmental, or public health.

5. Papers eligible for award consideration are chosen from selected journals related to occupational, environmental, and public health topics. However, OPHSS members are encouraged to nominate high quality papers that may be published in other specialized journals if the subject matter fits the scope of consideration.

6. Submission deadline is December 31, 2020.

Winners receive a plaque at the specialty section meeting/reception. Winners are expected to present their research in the form of a webinar within the following year.

Contact: Mingzhu Fang or Nicole Olgun

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Mingzhu Fang