SOT Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award

Deadline: February 9

Purpose: The purpose of the Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award is to recognize a current Graduate Student Representative who has contributed to the Society in a significant manner beyond the routine duties of a representative to a Regional Chapter, Special Interest Group, or Specialty Section.

The basic duties of a representative are to:

• Inform the students within their Component Group about awards, events and various beneficial activities
• Participate in the respective leadership meetings
• Participate in the respective Graduate Student Leadership Committee and Subcommittee meetings
• Contribute to the newsletters

Those recognized make valuable contributions above these responsibilities. Academic achievements are not considered for the award.

The Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) sponsors the Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Award. The Executive Board of the GLSC shall select the awardees based on a review of the nominations. The number of awardees each year is at the discretion of the Board. Preference will be given to nominees who have not previously received the award.

Nomination Process: The graduate representative self-nominates by submitting a document explaining the accomplishments, which should be supported by a letter from the respective RC/SIG/SS President. The Representative and Component Group (RC/SIG/SS) President send the nomination and support letter via e-mail to the GSLC staff liaison and GSLC Chair and Secretary.

When submitting a self-nomination for this award, please indicate who will be submitting a letter of support from your component group so that the reviewers may ensure your submission is complete.

Historical Listing of Award Recipients

Award Group: SOT

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Jessie Yuhaniak