SOT Awards

Nanoscience and Advanced Materials SS Best Publication Award

Deadline: December 15

An engraved plaque will be given to the first author of the paper that is judged to make significant contributions to the field of nanoscience and advanced materials. An engraved plaque also is given to the senior author if he/she is not also the first author. Selection criteria include the statement of a clear hypothesis, thoroughness of relevant nanomaterial physicochemical characterization, quality of data interpretation, potential impact, and style. At least one author of the paper must be a member of the Specialty Section.

Application materials include: Copy of accepted or in-press paper; one letter of support (cannot be authors) that describe the quality and impact of the study to the field.

Please send all applications materials in a single PDF document to Vice President-Elect Christie Sayes.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Christie Sayes