SOT Awards

Metals SS Career Achievement Award

Deadline: January 14

The Career Achievement Award recognizes a senior investigator whose outstanding research accomplishments have substantially advanced our understanding of metals toxicology.

Criteria for the award include:

Contribution to the field of metals toxicology. This includes depth and breadth of scientific contributions, as well as the significance of those contributions in advancing the field. This is the most important criterion in the evaluation for this award.

Major influence in the education, training, and mentorship of young scientists in the field of metals toxicology. This may include training in government, industry, or academia.

Leadership and service to the metals toxicology field. This may include involvement in Metals Specialty Section, organizing relevant scientific meetings/foundations, etc.

Influence on regulatory and risk assessment decisions related to metals toxicology. This may include contribution to acceptance of metals toxicology data by regulatory agencies for risk/safety assessment.

Nominations should include a cover letter from the primary nominator stating the qualifications of the nominee, the nominee’s most recent curriculum vitae, and a secondary letter of nomination from another individual.

The awardee will be presented with a recognition plaque along with a cash stipend at the Annual SOT Meeting.

Please send nominations to Dilshan Harischandra and Jennifer Freeman via via email by January 14, 2022.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Dilshan Harischandra