SOT Awards

Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award

Deadline: October 9

The Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award is presented to a member of SOT who has made substantial and seminal scientific contributions to our understanding of the science of toxicology. Nominees should be active scientists involved in toxicological research. The prime consideration for this award is scientific accomplishment.

The award consists of a plaque that is presented at the SOT Awards Ceremony during the Annual Meeting, a cash stipend, and an invitation to deliver the Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award Lecture at the Annual Meeting at which the award is given.

Criteria for award:

  • Must be a member of the Society
  • Active scientist involved in toxicological research
  • Substantial and seminal scientific contributions to the understanding of toxicology

Items needed in the application:

  1. Letter of nomination from Full member of the Society
  2. Curriculum vitae of nominee (10 pages maximum)
  3. Seconding letter from Full member of the Society
  4. Both letters should provide specific examples and documentation of the scientific contributions of the nominee; a publication list is not sufficient without analysis.

Historical Listing of Award Recipients

Preference will be given to nominees who have not received one of the following SOT awards in the past two years: Achievement, Arnold J. Lehman, Distinguished Toxicology Scholar, Education, Enhancement of Animal Welfare, Founders, Leading Edge in Basic Science, Merit, Public Communications, Toxicologist Mentoring, Translational Impact, Translational/Bridging Travel, and Undergraduate Educator Awards.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



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