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Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program

Deadline: October 21

The Society of Toxicology Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program (GSSEP) aims to increase the global impact of toxicology on human health and safety by working to strengthen toxicology programs and capacity at universities throughout the world. The SOT Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program provides funding support for mid to senior-level scientists from countries recognized as part of the SOT Global Economy Support Programs to visit SOT Member Host scientists with an established toxicology program to gain insight into toxicology research programs. The program will enable the Scholar to visit the partnered organization, with the goal of improving toxicology education and training at the Scholar’s university (including identifying gaps in the core toxicology curriculum, defining barriers to program or student success, organizing courses or symposia on toxicology topics of high priority in their country, developing joint publications, or other beneficial activities). The program will also fund the Scholar to attend the SOT Annual Meeting as an opportunity to present research and establish scientific networks. SOT plans to fund two Scholars from Global Economy Member Country. The Hosts will be selected first, and then matched with Scholar applicants for best fit with training and research objectives. This program is not intended to provide equipment, laboratory supplies, or renovations to current facilities. The Scholars and Hosts are responsible for their own insurance coverage during the exchange interval and will make travel arrangements through the SOT travel agency.


Host Application: July 1, 2022

Scholar Application: Extended to October 21, 2022

Scholar Criteria

The successful Scholar applicants will be:

  • Employed in faculty position in a qualified university and affiliated with an existing toxicology program
  • Recognized as thought leaders in toxicology-related activities
  • Positioned professionally to influence toxicology training and research projects that support a graduate program in toxicology

The institution of the Scholar applicant will:

  • Be located in a Global Economy Member Country
  • Have faculty members with training and research projects that support a graduate program in toxicology
  • Enable the Scholar to pursue this opportunity and the exchange visit of the Host

Submit completed Applications to Rachel Woodson.

Global Senior Scholar web page

Historical Listing of Award Recipients

Global Support Member Countries List

Host Researcher Criteria

The successful Host applicants will have:

  • Ability to host a scientist for about 4 weeks (SOT will cover the associated costs)
  • Plans to support the relationship with the Scholar and the enhancement of toxicology at the Scholar institution
  • Ability to visit the Scholar institution
Note: More than one Host at the same or different institutions can submit a coordinated application to host a particular Scholar. Hosts must be SOT Members in established toxicology programs.

The institution(s)of the Host(s)will:

  • Have a successful toxicology program with a strong track record of research, training, publication, and outreach
  • Be located in a country with a strong science infrastructure
  • Have staff or faculty members with interest and prior experience in collaborating with institutions in other countries
  • Encourage the selected Host toxicologist to visit the Senior Scholar's institution (SOT will cover the associated costs up to the budgeted maximum)

Submit completed Applications to Rachel Woodson.

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