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Domestic ToxScholar Outreach Grants

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The Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee has funding for visits to primarily undergraduate institutions to expand the awareness of toxicology, especially on campuses that do not offer toxicology in their curricula. Student, Postdoc, Associate, and Full Members are eligible to apply. The Domestic ToxScholar Outreach Grant applicant will coordinate with a faculty member (host) at the campus to be visited to arrange for the appropriate undergraduate student audience. Liberal arts colleges and regional universities are examples of appropriate campuses for these visits. Visits to institutions with a high proportion of students under-represented in the sciences are encouraged.

Individuals and SOT Regional Chapters may request partial or full support of travel costs for these campus visits. Allowable costs (up to $500) include mileage or other transportation charges, lodging at the campus location, and meals for the visitor(s) in accordance with the SOT travel reimbursement policy as well as costs at the institution to host the event (flyers, room rental, etc.). The format of the visit (formal presentation, informal discussion, or a combination) is at the discretion of the campus host and the visitor. Provision of matching funds from the Regional Chapter, the academic institutions involved, or the business employing the visitor(s) is encouraged. These visits are opportunities to recruit participants for Regional Chapter meetings as well as for undergraduate travel awards for the SOT Annual Meeting and other SOT programs.

With current restrictions for travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, SOT will accept applications for virtual ToxScholar visits.

Applications are accepted at any time as long as funds remain for the current budget year.

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