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Ocular Toxicology SS Covance-OSOD Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow Research Award

Deadline: February 7


Each year, OTSS recognizes outstanding student/postdoctoral candidates for their contribution to advancing the understanding of ocular toxicology and pharmacology. The award recipient will receive a certificate and monetary award of up to $500, funded by generous contributions from Covance and OSOD. The requirements/criteria for the award include that the Applicant:

1) must be graduate student or postdoctoral fellow as of October 1 the year prior to the annual meeting;

2) preferred to be a SOT and OTSS member;

3) must have an accepted abstract at the next upcoming SOT annual meeting;

4) must attend the SOT meeting and attend the OTSS reception;

5) must not have received an OTSS award the previous year;

6) abstract must be related to ocular toxicology and/or pharmacology.

Submission of:

1) Abstract, including SOT Abstract Number.

2) Letter of support from applicant’s Sponsor indicating the role of the applicant and independence conducting the research.

3) Narrative describing their research hypothesis, background and significance (up to 2-pages).

The winners will present a 5-minute synopsis of his/her research at the Annual OTSS meeting.

Submit nominations to: Andrea Rodrigues

Deadline: February 7, 2020

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Andrea Rodrigues