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Toxicologists of African Origin SIG Graduate Student Research Awards

Deadline: January 31


Toxicologists of African Origin introduce its support for one (1) Graduate Student Poster Research Award presented as a result of outstanding scientific discovery in the toxicological sciences through research conducted at their home institutions and/or other scientific achievements.

The nominee:
  1. Must be a graduate student;
  2. Must be an SOT member and TAO member (or applicant);
  3. Must submit a copy of the SOT-accepted abstract, including SOT Abstract Number;
  4. Must submit a cover letter from the applicant outlining contributions to the toxicological sciences;
  5. Must submit a letter of recommendation from a mentor (not to exceed one page);
  6. Must attend the upcoming SOT Annual Meeting to receive the award.
Contact: Darryl B. Hood

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Darryl B. Hood