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Toxicologists of African Origin SIG Distinguished Scientific Presentation Award

Deadline: January 31


Toxicologists of African Origin introduce its support for one (1) Distinguished Scientific Presentation Award. The Distinguished Scientific Presentation Award recognizes an outstanding investigator whose work substantially advances our understanding of toxicology. This monetary award is designed to celebrate toxicologists with a demonstrated ability to engage the scientific community through outstanding scientific achievement that embodies the mission of the TAO.

The nominee:
  1. Must be a postdoctoral fellow or junior tenure-track faculty member at a college or university;
  2. Must be an SOT member and TAO member (or applicant);
  3. Must have an accepted abstract at the next upcoming SOT Annual Meeting;
  4. Must submit a copy of the abstract, including SOT Abstract Number;
  5. Must attend the upcoming SOT Annual Meeting to receive the award.
Contact:Darryl B. Hood

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Darryl B. Hood