SOT Awards

Neurotoxicology SS Toshio Narahashi Neurotoxicology SS Trainee Conference Endowment Award

Deadline: January 5

Goal of the Award: An award stipend of $250.00 will be provided to deserving trainees to cover registrations and other associated costs. The goal is to support the attendance of meritorious trainees in Neurotoxicology to the SOT Virtual Annual Meeting. Scientific merit and support from the trainee’s mentor will be key criteria used in the decision process. Awards will be announced in advance of the meeting and attendance at the meeting is mandatory upon acceptance of the award. This award is made possible by the Toshio Narahashi Neurotoxicology Fellowship Award Fund of the SOT Endowment.

The Application: The application form contains two components (PART A and PART B).

PART A is completed by the Trainee to be sent in as a single PDF file to Marissa Sobolewski with the other requested components. Specifically, the Trainee’s single PDF Application File contains: 1) The application form PART A, 2) The abstract submitted to SOT, 3) Proof of abstract acceptance (a PDF file of the abstract acceptance email sent from SOT), and 4) the Trainee’s CV. In the event that the travel award deadline occurs before SOT announces the acceptance of abstracts, the proof of acceptance must be provided by email to Marissa Sobolewski as soon as the decision has been made by SOT. Awards cannot be made without proof of abstract acceptance.

PART B is completed by the mentor and sent in separately.

PART A: To be filled out by the AWARD APPLICANT.

I. Applicant Information
1) Trainee full name, institutional affiliation, email, and phone contact information.
2) Name of mentor.
3) Position: identify whether you are an undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate student or postdoctoral scholar and how long you have been in this position. For students include your estimated graduation date; post-baccalaureates include how long since degree; post-docs include how many years post PhD have you been a postdoc, what year of your current post-doc you are in, and how long you anticipate being in this position.

II. Scientific/Academic Merit
Provide a brief summary of your research topic area and how your research will impact the field of neurotoxicology (5-6 sentences).

III. Past Experience
1) How many meetings do you typically attend and/or present at each year?
2) How many times have you attended the annual SOT meeting before?
3) What is the primary conference that you attend each year?

IV. Statement of Need/Supporting Information
1) How is your work/schooling currently funded?
2) Why do you want to attend this meeting (2-3 sentences)?
3) How will this award impact your ability to attend (2-3 sentences)?

The completed application forms for PART A should not exceed 1 page.

Trainees: Submit your application in a single pdf file to Marissa Sobolewski by January 5, 2022 in the following order: 1) The application form PART A, 2) The abstract submitted to SOT, 3) Proof of abstract acceptance (a PDF file of the abstract acceptance email sent from SOT), and 4) the Trainee’s CV.

PART B: To be filled out by the APPLICANT’S MENTOR.
Submit under a separate cover to Marissa Sobolewski by COB January 7, 2022

Content of support letter:
1) Mentor name, institutional affiliation and email.
2) Trainee name, position and length of time in this position.
3) An evaluation of the trainee’s qualifications for the NTSS Toshio Narahashi Conference Award in terms of research quality, academic merit, and existing financial barriers to travel. Include a specific statement on why this trainee should receive this award and how they will benefit from attendance at the annual SOT meeting.
4) How many members of your research team and what percentage of your team will be attending the annual SOT meeting in 2022?
5) If this trainee wins this award, do you commit to providing support for the trainee to ensure attendance at the annual SOT meeting?

Award Group: SOT