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Neurotoxicology SS Toshio Narahashi Neurotoxicology SS Trainee Conference Endowment Award

Deadline: November 7


An award stipend will be provided to deserving trainees to help defray travel expenses associated with attending the SOT Annual Meeting. The goal is to support the attendance of meritorious trainees in Neurotoxicology to the SOT meeting by relieving potential financial barriers for travel. Scientific merit, and commitment from the trainee’s mentor to cover the balance of travel expenses not covered by the award will be key criteria used in the decision process. Awards will be announced in advance of the meeting and attendance at the meeting is mandatory upon acceptance of the award.

Eligibility Requirements:
(1) Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Post-Baccalaureates are eligible to apply.
(2) Trainees must attend the SOT Annual meeting in order to accept the award.
(3) Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows must be members of NTSS or show evidence of application for membership.
(4) Undergraduates and Post-Baccalaureates need not be NTSS members, but their submitted abstract must be neurotoxicology focused. Advisors or mentors who are not NTSS members are strongly encouraged to join.

Submission Requirements:
(1) The original abstract submitted to SOT;
(2) A CV; and
(3) The completed conference award form (see Applicable Documents link below to download form) must be submitted as a single pdf file to Nick Filipov, NTSS Vice President-Elect by November 7. Please note that the conference award form has separate sections that need to be filled out by the trainee or mentor. The section filled out by the mentor will be submitted separately. The NTSS Awards Committee will review these materials, and select recipients based on the scientific merit of their abstract.

Winner Receives:
An award stipend will be given to help defray the cost of travel expenses. A commitment from their mentor to cover any additional costs must be made. Awardees will be notified by the end of December, and will receive the funds in advance of the SOT Annual Meeting.

November 7

Nick Filipov

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:


Nick Filipov