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Inhalation and Respiratory SS Donald E. Gardner Inhalation Toxicology Education Award

Deadline: January 7

Donald E. Gardner was a distinguished pioneer in the field of Inhalation Toxicology. His research contributed to a better understanding of the health effects of air pollutants, thereby promoting the health of workers and the public. His mentorship of numerous individuals played a key role in their development as contributing scientists.

This award will be used to provide stipends to early career scientists (students, postdocs, or scientists within 10 years of advanced degree) to gain specialized training in novel/emerging inhalation toxicology methodologies in the laboratory of leading scientists in the field. The goal is to enhance the ability of Gardner Award recipients to contribute to better understanding innovative inhalation/respiratory techniques, as well as the potential hazards/risks of inhaled materials. The Gardner Award may also be used for development of educational webinars on innovative methods in the fields of Inhalation and Respiratory Toxicology.

Gardner Award recipients will be selected by the IRSS based on the following criteria:

  1. Member of SOT (any category of membership is acceptable).
  2. Enrolled in a graduate program relevant to inhalation toxicology or within 10 years of receiving advanced degree in a field relevant to respiratory/inhalation toxicology.
  3. Specialized training in the science of inhalation and respiratory toxicology will advance the field:
    1. Recipient shows evidence of ability to take advantage of this award
    2. Training program is at state-of-the-art facility and relevant to inhalation and respiratory toxicology
  4. Webinars are on innovative topics in inhalation toxicology and a number of individuals (scientists and/or policy makers) are likely to benefit.
  5. Monetary request is $2000 or less.
The recipient will receive an engraved plaque and the monetary award during the annual IRSS business meeting held each year during the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting.

Post-award Recipient Responsibilities:

This award’s perpetual intent is to foster the growth and development of scientists in the field of inhalation toxicology, which requires sustained funding. Such funding is predicated on the success of the scientist. To assess the value of this education/training award, the IRSS needs to maintain a record of the impact of the award to the career development of the recipient or the impact of Webinars to the target audience.

Recognizing that the ultimate value of the award may be several years in the future the IRSS will request a brief (i.e., less than 250 words) annual description of the impact of the award on the career development of the recipient for 3 year following receipt of the award. These updates may be highlighted in the IRSS newsletter and at the IRSS reception during the Annual SOT Meeting.

To Apply:
  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Applicant contact information: (email, phone)
  3. Applicant career information: Student or employment status. Please attach CV
  4. Description of the scientific topic of the training, with emphasis on how it is innovative (less than 300 words, not counting references)
  5. Statement of how the recipient intends to use the knowledge gained to advance the science of inhalation toxicology (less than 500 words)
  6. Statement from first-line supervisor of applicant’s institution/employer of commitment to the training
  7. Host information:
    1. Name and location of laboratory
    2. Brief discussion of why this host was selected
    3. Desired start date and duration of training
    4. Letter from host investigator indicating
      1. commitment to the training
      2. brief description of availability of relevant space, equipment, supplies
      3. CV of host scientist
  8. Financial request: provide specific resource categories and justification. For example, travel, per diem, supplies, etc.
  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Applicant contact information: (email, phone)
  3. Applicant career information: Student or employment status. Please attach CV of applicant.
  4. Topic of Webinar and value of information to be provided. In the case of webinars with subparts, please describe subparts.
  5. Lead speakers of the webinar. Include name, affiliation, and provide CVs.
  6. Intended audience of the webinar
  7. Indicate experience of group actually administering the webinar (note- goal here is to assure that the person or group can successfully conduct the webinar).
  8. Funds requested, with brief justification of needs.

Please send the Vice President-Elect of the IRSS, Kymberly Gowdy with your nominations and all supporting documents by January 7, 2022.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Kymberly Gowdy