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Neurotoxicology SS Distinguished Neurotoxicologist Award

Deadline: December 15

The “Distinguished Neurotoxicologist Award” recognizes NTSS members who have made important high-impact scientific, regulatory or service contributions to our field. This award has been previously designated as “Distinguished Investigator” and “Distinguished Service” awards from NTSS. The Award will be made whenever a deserving individual is identified, but is not routinely given at any specified intervals.

Contact: Nikolay Filipov Deadline: December 15, 2022

Award: Engraved Plaque

An NTSS Distinguished Award Committee will be appointed each year to review the nominations and determine if an award will be made. Nominations will be considered up to 4 years.

The nominee must be a member, or retired member of NTSS, who has made significant scientific, regulatory OR service contributions over a sustained period of time (>15 years post-training) that have had major impact to the field of Neurotoxicology. In addition to an engraved plaque, the awardee will give a brief speech about their experience as a neurotoxicologist at the annual meeting. More detailed information can be found in the .pdf “Distinguished Neurotoxicologist Award Criteria and Process for Selection”.

Previous recipients of the Distinguished Investigator or Service Award were Dr. Toshio Narahashi (2001), Dr. Peter Spencer (2002), Dr. Bernard Weiss (2003), Dr. Herbert Needleman (2006), Dr. Joan Cramner (2008), Dr. Deborah Cory-Slechta (2017) Dr. William Atchison (2018), Dr. Michael Aschner (2020), and Dr. Pamela Lein (2022).

Award Group: SOT