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Diversity Initiatives Endowment Career Development Award

Deadline: April 10


SOT recognizes that career development experiences facilitate successful entry of students into advanced degree programs and transition into the modern toxicology workforce. The Diversity Initiatives Endowment Career Development award will enable undergraduate and graduate students to engage in additional education and career development opportunities to enhance their professional development. The SOT Diversity Initiative Endowment Fund provides this award, which is administered by the Committee on Diversity Initiatives. Created in 2009, the goal of this fund is to increase and retain individuals from groups under-represented in the biomedical sciences (as defined by the NIH for Racial and Ethnic categories).

Awards of up to $1000 per recipient may be given. Recipients are chosen based on criteria that include quality of proposed experience, relevance to the proposed professional activity to a career involving the science of toxicology, academic achievement, and recommendation by academic advisor. To receive reimbursement, award recipients must provide original receipts to SOT and a complete reimbursement form in compliance with the SOT Reimbursement Policy at the completion of the funded activity.

Award recipients are required to provide a follow-up report, which highlights their use of the award and the value of the experience towards their career development.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Award:
  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student or graduate student at an accredited US institution at time of application and the time of the activity or event
  • Recommendation from your advisor at your home institution
  • Member of an under-represented group (such as, African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American including Alaskan, Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander) in the biomedical sciences as defined by NIH
  • SOT Undergraduate Student Affiliate or Graduate Student Member
  • Designation of an activity that begins no sooner than one month following the application deadline
  • Completion of the experience no more than one year following the deadline for which the application is submitted
Possible Eligible Expenses including, but not limited to:
  • Conference Registrations (SOT Annual Meeting Excluded)
  • Internship or conference travel (subject to SOT Reimbursement Policy guidelines)
  • Professional Workshops
Examples of Expenses Not Eligible for the Award:
  • Institutional administrative and/or overhead costs
  • Tuition costs at current institution
  • Textbooks or materials part of normal course work
  • Personal entertainment and incidentals
  • SOT Annual Meeting travel or registration
  • SOT Membership Dues
  • Membership Dues for other professional organizations
Application Requirements:
  1. Applicant should submit the completed form by email to SOT and cc their academic advisor.
      1. Include evidence of commitment of institutional, personal, or other funds to cover costs of attendance in excess of $1000.
      2. Include applicant’s CV (maximum of 3 pages) and a copy of their transcript(s), including current enrollment. Unofficial transcripts accepted.
  2. Applicant’s academic advisor must send a supporting letter directly to SOT indicating approval of the applicant’s participation in the defined educational or career development activity and describe the relevance and value to the applicant’s educational or career goals. If applicable, the letter should confirm the availability of funds (i.e. institutional commitment) proposed to cover costs exceeding $1000.
  3. Award recipients will be reimbursed only after the activity has taken place. In order to receive reimbursement, original receipts (showing payment confirmation) must be provided to SOT.
  4. In addition to a written report, applicant will provide feedback on the value of the experience to the Committee on Diversity Initiatives.

  5. Award Group: SOT