SOT Awards

Drug Discovery Toxicology SS Student Poster Competition—Annual Meeting

Deadline: December 29

The competition is open to current graduate students whose abstract has been accepted by SOT for presentation at the Annual Meeting. Applicants must submit a copy of the abstract and a cover letter of how their research applies to drug discovery via email to Saurabh Vispute. A selected set of applicants (finalists) will be invited to present their posters during the annual reception. To participate in the DDTSS Student Award poster competition, membership in SOT and/or DDTSS is encouraged but not necessary. The deadline for submission is December 29.

First ($1,000), second ($400) and third ($150) place prizes will be presented at the Annual Meeting (made possible by the Emil Pfitzer Drug Discovery Toxicology Endowment Fund).

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Saurabh Vispute